For the mobile phone industry the future looks really cool. Mobile phones have evolved rapidly in the last decade and the future only looks too bright. Mobile phones have come a long way from being a gadget that lets you make calls and text messages to one that redefines style and class. It makes us ask with bated breath what’s next? Phones have transfigured themselves into bracelets, watches, clutches and what not.

It may be time to fasten your seat belts. We are going to zoom into the future and take a sneak peak at the future world of mobile phones. These are 10 futuristic phones that we truly wish were real. Get ready to be transported to the future.

Kambala Mobile Phone

Kambala Mobile Phone transforms itself into an ear phone. All you have to do is pop out the center piece to reveals the ear piece and clip it to your ear. That’s all. It has a flexible screen made of multiple sensors that easily transmit images from your phone on to its surface. The phone even blends in with your skin tone when you pin it to your ears. Wouldn’t you say it is transfiguration at its best.


Philips Fluid Flexible Smartphone

Designed by Brazilian da Mata, this concept phone is so flexible that you are free to wrap it around your wrist and convert it into a fashionable bracelet. Unwrap it, lay it flat and use it as your gaming board. With its flexible OLED display, the phone looks clean and trendy.


Windows Weather Phone

Is it raining? Does it show on your mobile? No? Wait till Windows Weather Phones come into the market. The weather outside will get reflected in your phones. Designed by Farhad Yusuf Ali, this phone predicts weather perfectly accurately. The phone’s transperaent body mimics the weather so beautifully that you may wish it rains throughout the year.


LG Flutter

This smartphone will make you look wonderstruck at its style, construction and amazing good looks. Designed by Xiong, the phone is compact, flexible OLED touch screen that displays vibrant images and pictures.


Nokia 888 Concept Phone

This phone has liquid battery (nothing less!), recognizes speech, has a flexible display, and a sensitive body to boot. It adjusts to the environment very well. How? Lay it straight and it takes the shape of a traditional phone. Clip it on to your collar or roll it completely or better still wrap it around your wrist.


Yuxa Eco Friendly Mobile Phone

It is time we cared about the environment. When classic design combines with eco friendly mobile technology then you have Yuxa Eco Friendly Wearable Concept. Designed by Mexican designer Ortiz, you can wear the phone like a watch or a trendy bracelet. It is made using bio degradable materials and plant fibers. What more do you want?


LG Helix

Designed by Luna, this is a very trendy concept phone that can be worn as a bracelet when you feel the need to accessorize yourself. It has circuits that are flexible, flexible touch screen. It is made of rubber and stainless steel giving it the perfect fluidity in proportions.


Kyocera’s Flexible Folding Phone

Kyocera’s Flexible Folding Phone brings together beauty of a flexible body and vibrancy of an OLED display. Fold it to fit your back pocket or open it wide to reveal a larger screen for viewing videos and movies.

Kyocera’s Flexible Folding Phone

The Mobile Script

Designed by Mukomelov, the Mobile Script has two touch screens. It has one smaller touch screen that acts as a conventional mobile display. And a larger OLED display lodged inside the phone in a collapsed state that’s perfect for watching movies, videos in high quality.

The Mobile Script

Nagisa Phone Concept

Deisgned by Funamizu, Nagisa is a smartphone filled with incredible concepts and features. The dented look makes the phone resemble a sea bed that is wavy and fluid. And the phone’s screen turns at 180 degrees. Incredible, isn’t it? The aesthetically designed phone is modern but yet not very outlandish. It simply is a very beautifully designed concept phone.


Did you find above phones fascinating..why dont you share some words about your favorite phone mentioned on the above list ??

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