One thing business owners are low on, is time. The constant struggle of managing your company, representing it in the hungry, competitive market out there and still needing time to learn how to do digital marketing is just too much for most people. The answer? An AdWords consultant. 

In a perfect world

Whether you choose an agency or an individual, the ideal circumstances are: 

  1. You made the connection through a colleague or someone else you trust. 
  2. The person or agency represented themselves so well online, on social media or at an event, that you have no choice but to investigate their offering. 

One word of caution though – even if everything seems brilliant at the outset, always put in a bit of effort to get references or case studies of their previous work. If they are unwilling or unable to provide this, you might be playing with fire. 

Red Flags

Any company whose first point of contact is through cold calling, should raise your suspicions. Chances are that their focus is on quantity over quality, and that they might be trawling for volumes of clients, with no thought as to what quality of work you would be able to deliver to that many clients. Ideally, you want an allocated consultant dealing with your account, as this creates accountability. Make sure that you have a comprehensive background about your AdWords management company before committing to a relationship. 

Show me the money

There are several types of billing packages that you might want to investigate before deciding on a fees structure. It could range from a fixed fee, which includes an upfront setup cost, and then a monthly retainer for management of the account. Watch out though – where certain fees are waived to make the deal look better, there are often clauses involved that tie you into a long-term contract.

The bottom line

The job that your AdWords management company has to do, involves tracking down the right customers for your business, and reeling them in. If the dangling carrot (your ads) is not alluring enough, they will go elsewhere. The more customers that can be reeled in, the better your business does. This is why it is crucial that you hire a digital marketing consultant who knows what they are doing!

Choose wisely

AdWords Consultants, who are worth your while, are often also in high demand. These professionals are responsible for managing a huge number of accounts simultaneously and are under pressure to deliver on each and every one. When you pay for a highly skilled digital AdWords consultant, you pay for years of experience, learning, research, analysis, and implementation. If you find the right person for your business, it is unlikely that you will regret the money spent on their services but bear in mind that finding the right person involves due diligence, without which you run the risk of engaging fly-by-night services. 

Put in the time to do your homework, and you will be rewarded for your effort. 

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