AdNow is an advertising company which incorporates some of the newest and best methods to fees the advertisements at the right place to the right kind of population. They specialize in monetizing the female audiences over the internet. They have a huge list of partners globally and works in almost half of the countries in the world. Apart from this fact, they show 5 billion advertisements to the masses over the internet in one month on both the desktops and mobile phones. They work on more than 140 thousand websites over the world.

In this age of the internet, it is now very difficult to target on the type of population that you wish. And this is the most challenging task in the fields of marketing and business. If you are also in this same situation then, AdNow is what you should consider at once. as already written that it has a very wide coverage over the internet and covers almost whole of the websites.

This makes it a very good option and also it is using RTB, big data mining, and artificial intelligence to serve the ad more relevantly. Publishers can monetize their blog pages with the help of some special kind of widgets use on their websites and these widgets are fully customizable.


Features or benefits for advertisers

There is a special option to target your advertisements to a specific browser, OS or even the carrier or network provider. This makes you target your kind of people easy.

Even if you don’t have much hands-on experience with advertising you can use this website. This is possible because they have a full support for creative and advice related to advertisements.

A serious analysis of the traffic that passed through your listed advertisement and it is completely authentic. AdNow provides option to limit your daily expenses per day on advertising.

A list of trustworthy publisher network across the world and this is improving day by day.


Benefits for Publishers

If you ae willing to be a publisher for the advertisements through AdNow, then this is what will encourage you to approach them. In fact, they actually offer some really good benefits that no one can refuse. Let’s have a look at these:

Payments are made via PayPal, ePayments, and Wire, weekly at the starting amount of 20$.

Even if your website is not in English, you can still join this native ad network. The setup process is very easy and quick without causing any trouble.

The best thing that you get is a personal account manager with a support of local language. Easy to read statistics with options such as e-mail and dashboard notification. Whenever you refer someone else to join the Ad network you will get some additional benefit as an incentive or appreciation.

You can always keep a track on revenue and performance at the real time. The ads are checked regularly and they are completely safe. There is no code conflict, such as while adding the ad widget on your website.

With such a great features and benefits, there also comes a list of rules that you must obey while using the website. The rules are:


The website should be compatible with the copyright laws, and should not be promoting any illegal activities.

The website should not contain any objectionable content such as adult, spam, spyware and malware.

The publishers should not use any bots or software or ask others to manipulate the clicks on the advertisements.

They should also not use any proxy sites, links or any such thing to increase the traffic on the website.

This is an excellent platform for both the publishers as well as the advertisers. With the help of the huge global network of websites and advertisements, it is the perfect place to do your advertisement and get extra money.  You can know more about it on


If you are exploring new revenue sources for your blog, you may want to try out AdNow for its high-end and user friendly features with high CTR rates. If you are an advertiser, you may want to connect with a new set of audiences for a much lower CPC rates than other Ad services out there.

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There is another digital marketing company called PageTraffic, which uses the most effective method to target advertisements at the correct place to the right audience. The company offers also offers SEO services to companies based in different parts of the world.

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