Apple’s slogan “There’s an App for That” best describes the state of the smartphone world today. New smartphone users tend to download their first app as soon as they lay their hands on their smartphones – and install a game within a week from buying it. Smartphones are the perfect pocket-sized entertainment devices. And sometimes you don’t even have to download an app to have fun with them. You can easily access Red Flush online casino on your Android, play any of the quick and free games in the Red Flush library, and even give it a try for real if you want. Having fun at the Red Flush, listening to music, watching videos, and generally having a good time with your smartphone is possible without installing an app. But there are other functions your smartphone can handle well with just the functions built into it.

Private mode

Unless you keep your smartphone locked with a secure method, like fingerprint or PIN authentication, chances are that others can pick up and use it as they will. This will expose all your content to them, even the things that are not meant for anyone else to see. To prevent this, you can activate “Private mode” on your Samsung phone. Private mode basically makes things like apps, photos, and other content disappear unless you enter a PIN or authenticate in another way.

By using it, you can simply keep your content out of reach for anyone that doesn’t know your PIN or pattern – so you can hand over your phone to anyone to see without worrying about exposing anything you don’t want to.

Portable WiFi Hotspot

A very useful feature when you need quick WiFi access on your laptop but have no networks to connect to. You can activate tethering or Wifi Hotspot on your phone, sharing your mobile broadband connection with those within range – your other devices, your friends, or anyone else in need. You can either set it up to be freely accessible to anyone (and risk it being connected to by strangers) or set up a password and share it only with those you want it to access.

Many phones have a wireless router built into them – and their users don’t even know.

A mini-game?

Each Android phone has a mini-game built into it that users usually don’t know about (each one running Android 2.3 or above, to be more exact). To access it, users need to navigate to Settings – About phone, find the Android version field, and tap it repeatedly. On Android 6.0.1, the hidden game is Google’s take on Flappy Bird. What version of Android do you run, and what game do you have hidden inside it? Let us know in a comment.

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