From inauspicious beginning Samsung has become the most credible contender to Apple’s smartphone crown with its range of Galaxy handsets. More and more consumers who want the latest mobile phones are looking to Samsung’s production line and are not being disappointed. Keeping up with Samsung’s additions to the latest mobile phones can be hard though so here’s some information on what to look for if you’re looking for the latest Samsung model.

Galaxy S3

The Rolls Royce in the Samsung garage – the Galaxy, in its latest guise the S3 – is what the wizards at Samsung came up with to take on the iPhone and they’ve done a credible job. Produced under the hook ‘Designed for humans’ the Galaxy S3 prides itself on its intuition and interactivity. For example the technology in its screen can sense when it is being looked at by its owner and will increase the brightness accordingly – a boon both for ease of use and for saving battery power. Its S Beam function means that if you bring into contact with another Galaxy S3 you can share documents by switching on S Beam and putting the handsets back-to-back.

In terms of its tech-specs everything is in order. It comes with 16GB internal memory as standard, which can be upgraded to 32GB or even 64GB if you want to store every song, document and video on the planet, and its 8 Megapixel camera though an expected feature of the new generation of smartphones captures pictures of enviable vibrancy and quality. Even better the photo-capture technique employs a rapid burst of picture taking that means unwanted blemishes like blinks or red-eye can be removed in the editor. Though it may not be quite as handsome a device as the iPhone the Galaxy S3 is unquestionably worth a look when you’re picking from the latest mobile phones.

However it does have a few major drawbacks

  • People feel it’s too pricey for the offered package
  • It has a plasticky feeling on the hands
  • Production of the phone may be discontinues

In terms of user experience, the phone’s screen size is massive and the touch screen is ultra responsive, The ICS running provides a very palatable interface.The lock screen animation will surely give you countless hours of fun, but at the end of the day SGS3 is the best android device your money can buy you as on date.

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