Techiestuffs,launched in 2011,is a rapidly growing Tech blog which strives to provide a timely and quality Tech updates.Since its inception there has been a lot of changes made and still rolling out few changes inorder to bring you the best experience.

Our prominent topics are Android,iOS and Social media news. Techiestuffs averages more than 25k pageviews per month as of April 2014 and rapidly growing interms of Traffic.Interested persons can contact here to enquire about Advertising opportunities.


Deepanshu – Founder and Editor

Techiestuffs is a accidental blog,I didn’t intend to start a tech blog at that time but registered this Domain name without any second thoughts.Few months later I was playing with Drupal,So I started a test blog with it and eventually it became what you are seeing now.

Vinoth Jaganathan – Contributor

I spend most of the time online doing nothing useful but time ago started scribbling on paper then a thought struck me !, why not write a blog?. so i am here.I am great fan of electronics and and a not -a -geek engineer but keen to learn stuffs.

Denver Dias – Contributor

I am a critical thinker and usually overthink more than anybody I know. My opinions regarding anything debate-worthy are probably not from the present.My blog posts will tell you a lot about me. With every post you’ll get closer to knowing me.

You can send your Feedback,point out errors, inaccuracies, bugs, misleading or confusing jargon, and typos that you find anywhere in this blog using this Contact form or email us at deepanshu [at]

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