We all are habituated to use the internet and most of us think that the web we see is the web that actually exists. However, it’s far from the truth and there are hidden layers in the seemingly transparent web. One of the most hideous parts of the web is known as deep web. It exists within the actual web we use but is hidden from all kinds of search engines and regular users. It includes web pages such as user databases, pages that require password access, web forums among others. A lot of you would be imagining how to get to the deep web so let’s know more about it and also learn how you can access the deep web.

Is Deep web illegal?

When people search about how to get on the deep web, they fear that it might be illegal and they can land up in trouble. A lot of people confuse Deep web with Dark web and this is what leads people into thinking that deep web is illegal. The dark web is a part of deep web but there are many other things included in the deep web as well. Some of them are simply not made indexable because they are irrelevant to other users except the target set of users. Thus, the deep web can’t be termed as completely illegal but yes, the part with dark web is not legal.

How to Get to the Deep Web – Methods

There are a few methods which you can use if you are looking for how to get on the deep web. All of these methods are equally good and will let you access the deep web.

Normal Browser

All of us have a browser installed in our desktops and phones these days and the deep web can be easily accessed through the normal browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and other similar browsers. Let’s see how to get into the deep web.

Step 1: Open your browser

Open your browser which you use to access the internet on either your phone or computer.

Step 2 (a): Search for resources

There are many resources available online which list some of the popular deep web resources. Although they are not indexable by normal search engines, you can find them enlisted in various websites. Since the nature of these websites can’t be termed as secure, you need to proceed with caution before you go ahead.

Step 2 (b): Deep web databases

There are several websites online which lists deep web or dark web links which are in the deep web. One of the popular website is https://www.deepwebsiteslinks.com/When you are looking for how to get to the deep web, you will find that people who have already explored the deep web are creating extensive databases to help others in finding such websites easily. Once you find any such database, you can choose to visit any of the listed websites.

Step 3: Explore more

How to get into the deep web is a tricky part but once you are in the deep web, exploring it seems extremely easy. A link transcends you into several other links and the process goes on. Exploring the deep web won’t be a tough task, just find a website which is in the deep web and you will find many others instantly.

TOR Browser

A TOR Browser is a special kind of browser and when you are looking for how to get to the deep web, you will see that a lot of people recommend using it to access the deep web. Let’s see how you can download the TOR browser and start accessing deep web instantly.

Step 1:Download the TOR browser

Download the TOR browser by simply going to its official site. TOR is also available for iOS and android in their respective app stores. For Windows and Mac, you can find the download links in its official site.

Step 2: Install the TOR browser

The installation process for a TOR browser is extremely simple and exactly the same as you would do for any other software. The process would be different from the operating system you are installing it on.

Step 3: Open the TOR browser

Once the browser is installed in your desktop or phone, open the browser and you are all set to access dark web links. Although TOR doesn’t provide you with a list of websites which are into deep web but it will let you access them in a safe and private manner.

Note: You can access deep web with any normal browser and there isn’t any requirement for TOR browser. For the dark web, you would necessarily need a dark web browser or Tor Browser. But to be secure, it is recommended that you use a TOR browser.

Precautions to take on the deep web

As we have learnt, dark web is a part of deep web which is illegal. Thus, to be safe and secure, you need to take various precautionary measures before accessing any part of the deep web. No matter how eager you are while searching how to get to the deep web, be cautious enough to safeguard your privacy. Below are some of the steps which you can take in order to be safe:

  • Cover your webcam and microphone with a tape. Some websites might get unauthorized access to them without your permission.
  • Never share your email address or passwords while you are on the deep web.
  • Hide your IP address with the help of various available VPN services.
  • Never share your personal contact details with anyone on deep web.

The Last Words

If you were looking for how to get to the deep web, this is probably the most comprehensive and reliable answer to the confusing question. These methods will help you in getting access to deep web without many complications. Just ensure that you don’t do anything illegal even unknowingly as the consequences can be severe. It is very important to tread with caution in the deep web so make sure that before accessing it, you adhere to all the precautionary measures.

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