As the title suggest this article s as such a weird one,and this is going to be about those gadgets that help to put to sleep.I was really amused by when learn about weird gadgets and i put them for you, if you are “insomniac” like me.

The sleep mask

This gadget helps you to reach a peaceful state of mind i.e into a meditative state.What one need to  do is to wear the mask and concentrate on the blinking blue lights, these lights gradually fades away letting you reach alpha wave mind state, simply meaning, to turn off your brain and finally you are robbed by sleep.

You can get this gadget for $29.99

UP by jawbone

It is a small bracelet that you wear on your wrist and this records the neural signal and send that analyzed data to the mobile phone.

It tracks large and small movements to show you when you’re awake, dozing lightly or knocked out in deep sleep.
It can also be used to monitor the what you eat and how much you exercise.

It cost around $130 and you can get them here.

The Night wave Sleep Assistant

This is similar to the first gadget,here the same blue light is focussed on the ceiling and the blinking is made in a certain rythm.

You have match your breathing to the rythm of the light either this relaxes you bores to the extent where you drift off to sleep.

It is priced at $50 and can order here.

So try these only if you wanna or else go for yoga, which is best practices to let one sleep peacefully, as doc suggests.

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