If you are unable to sign in to your Microsoft account and play Minecraft, the bug https://aka.ms/remoteconnect keeps on interrupting. When unable to join Minecraft, the article below shall help you get rid of the bug and easily get access to Minecraft. 
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The reason for the cropping up of the bug is not inability to sign in to Minecraft but due to device change. When playing Minecraft on one device and suddenly you change the device, you are obstructed with this error message at the time of signing in. So, to correctly activate Minecraft on PS4 ignoring the error message and get connected with multiple players, the guide shall help you further. 

What do you understand by https://aka.ms/remoteconnect?

The https://aka.ms/remoteconnect is a site that allows one to get access to Minecraft and host games under it from the comfort of home. In addition, you can get connected through different devices to play the games. Minecraft opens smoothly on PS4 but when trying to open it one any non-Microsoft device, it can be difficult to open. Moreover, you can sign in for free on the account and get connected with other players and play together. 


The devices that the game supports are PS4, Windows PC, iOS and android smartphone, Mac PC and the like options. So, download Minecraft on Xbox and start playing it through signing in with your Microsoft account. 

How to use https://aka.ms/remoteconnect?

The site helps to connect with players who are logged in through different devices and play the game. If you are logged in through Microsoft account, the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4 players have to sign in with the same credentials. However, with using the login of Microsoft account, you can get access to plenty other services, other than just Minecraft and its games.  

Minecraft belongs to the non-Microsoft games but still a player has to create a Microsoft account to get access to the games. So, install the game on your device, and start playing it by logging in through your Microsoft account. 

Why does the error code crops up?

When you are trying to open Minecraft on PS4 in its old version, it is common for the bug error message to show up. Also, this is common when playing Minecraft by logging through a Microsoft account. It will ask for an activation code and this crop up. This is mainly due to the change of device from which you are playing the game. For instance, when changing the login from PlayStation 4 to Xbox console, the error message will show up. 

Steps to avoid seeing bug error in Minecraft 

1. Using Microsoft credentials in code 

The Minecraft error shows up mostly on PS4 accounts and it is better to try with a new Microsoft account login. Try to use the Microsoft sign in error code correctly to get access to Minecraft. Now, as the access page shows up, bookmark it, note the code for future use. Try to use the code when trying to open it using another device. However, this is called the Brute force method. Once you can open using the right code, you can easily use the Microsoft account to get access to the host of games available under Minecraft. 

2. Delete Minecraft data file 

  1. First go to the settings options and then click on system settings
  2. Now, you have to click on storage following which two game files show up. 
  3. You have to delete the files of Minecraft 
  4. After this, you have to try to use the login code and enter the game again. 

3. Create new Microsoft account

If you have changed the device, you may be unable to login into Microsoft account on nintendo switch. The account used on PS4 conflicts with the one used on Xbox and resulting from this, the error message shows up. So, the feasible option is to open a new Microsoft account that can prevent the occurrence of https://aka.ms/remoteconnect error message. 

After you have set up the account, you can download the Minecraft texture pack from the Minecraft store and get access to plenty of game options. As the error message commonly shows up in the old version of the game, try to update it and use its latest version to avoid any hindrance when playing the game. 

How to handle ‘https aka ms remoteconnect not working’?

The steps to handle the error message are given below. 

  • First, go to the password reset page of Microsoft 
  • Now, you have to enter email address with which you use PS4 or Xbox console or the mobile phone and then click on the next option 
  • After this, as the verification code shows up, you have to enter it and then click on the next option 
  • Herein, comes the option to reset the password and enter a new one
  • As soon as you set the new password, you will be logged out of the devices through which you were playing Minecraft 
  • Now open the console and try to link the Microsoft account. 
  • Use the activation code as required to get access to Minecraft.
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