Free internet Fax service Send Fax without a machine

You must be thinking of, in this era of digital communication, who are sending faxes now? While fax machines got a bit outdated, however, the truth is that various organizations still use this as a leading method of communication! 

It might be a true hassle if you have to send a fax, but neither have you had access to a fax machine nor are you well-acquainted with those digital platforms of sending faxes in a minute. 

Fortunately, out of those numerous ways, we know about the best one. It is CocoFax. 

Let us elaborate.

Free internet Fax services by CocoFax

CocoFax is the only premium solution to all your hassles! With technological advancement, fax machines got extinct and came up with a more convenient and compact system. 

So, is it really feasible to utilize a heavy fax machine when you have to send a fax? Or, is it convenient for you to keep your fax machine on for 24 hours, ensuring you don’t miss fax? Well, it is completely impracticable! 

Now, you can email to fax for free with the enhancement of fax technology. Today, we will let you know how to send a fax without a machine effectively in this guide. Let’s get started! 

What is email to fax?

It means the sender can transmit fax via your email id. Therefore, it is eventually analogous to sending an email. If you are an avid user of Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, and others, you can send faxes using all these email clients. 

How does it work?

How does it work?

Email to fax service has originated behind the idea of sending an email to the recipient’s address. But the difference is that it will be sent as fax instead of an email to the recipient’s end. However, it is not possible even when you have a phone line interlinked to your PC. 

CocoFax – An incredible dependable solution

CocoFax is the one-stop-shop destination for all types of faxing solutions in the world. It diligently serves customers worldwide, from any individuals to leading MNCs, providing online fax limitless solutions of simplicity and convenience. 

It takes good care of all the fax needs by providing hassle-free email to fax services. It is a valuable solution with a trustworthy automated system, but there is no third party sneaking onto your fax communications. Therefore, the whole thing happens between the sender and the receiver only. 

CocoFax offers you both sending and receiving faxes amenities. But, it is mandatory to have a fax number during faxing. Therefore, it provides you with a free-of-cost fax number, which you will use to send and receive faxes. In this regard, you can enjoy complete freedom to opt for your own fax number with its 14-days free trial period. 

This trial period will ensure that you will be getting the best CocoFax services without any risk of losing money. You may cancel your subscription if you don’t like it!

How to send fax via email for free?

Sending a fax through email will be the most simplistic thing for you when you are using CocoFax. Follow these steps below to understand how the process of email to fax can be done easily:

Step #1

step 1

Visit CocoFax and sign up for it in order to avail of the start faxing period. After a successful signing up, you will get to pick your preferred fax number for free!

Step #2

step 2

Please ensure that your registered email id is correct that you will use to send and receive faxes.

Step #3

If you are a Gmail or other email service user, open it on your device first. It can be accessible to PC, smartphones, tablets, iPad, Macbooks, and other devices. Moreover, you will get total freedom to use your preferred email app or open it on a web browser. An example will be Gmail, which can be accessed via a web browser and an app too. 

Step #4

We are now moving to the option of composing a new email and tap on it. The new email box will open where you need to give a subject line and the fax body with the documents. However, the interface may slightly vary amid diverse email clients.

Step #5

After the new email box opens, you can compose your fax here. Have a look at below to fill out the following sectors:

In the “To” field, where you generally put your recipient’s email id, type the country code of him and the fax number, followed by “” So, if their fax number is +22 345678, with +22 indicated in the country code, you need to type:

If both of you are US inhabitants, the sender or you have to add “1” prior to the fax number. If the fax number is 345678, you need to enter:

You may leave the subject body blank, and it is completely optional. But if you type something on the subject line, it will appear as a note on the top of the recipient’s printed fax attachments. 

The email body is also considered optional; beautiful you write something, it will appear as a cover page during a fax composition. The information you type here will be showcased on the first page of your recipient’s faxes. 

Now, you can add any type of attachment in the .docs, .doc, .xls, .xlsx, .jpg format. 

Step #5

Once you all set, just hit the “send” option in order to send it via email to fax. CocoFax will receive your mail and send it to your recipient’s fax machine instantaneously. If the fax is successfully delivered to your recipient address, a confirmation mail will be sent via CocoFax quickly. 

Concluding words

And, that’s it! Isn’t it easier to send a quick fax via email? You might see that the aforementioned steps to send a fax document via email is convenient for the sender. Are you worried about how you will know about the status of the sent fax? CocoFax will notify you in both cases when the fax is successfully delivered and undelivered at the same time! So, nothing to be worried about! Faxing is now as simple as sending emails! 


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