Apple products deserve so many sympathies from users for a reason. Gadgets, with IOS operating system, are very functional and easy to use. Computers Mac are amazing with their automation and comfortable interface. A lot of useful applications make the user’s life more comfortable and more dynamic. The beauty is that a lot of apps you can use directly from the menu bar. If you gave your heart to Mac, below we are going to describe a few organize menu bar apps, without which you can not live then!

Look UP

The first utility that we would like to tell you about is Look Up for Mac. Works on a rule of “three 20”. That is, every 20 minutes of your action on the computer screen will be blurred for 20 seconds so that you at a distance of 20 feet gave a rest to your eyes. A handy application for those who spend most of their time behind the screen of the monitor. Our eyes somehow suffer from the radiation of the monitor. Minus of this app appears when you need to work intensively on the project without interruptions, and this will only distract you and take valuable time. In this case, you need to turn off notifications.


The next, not less useful app, Pastebot. This utility proves once again that the modern world is in constant motion and dynamics. A sort of clipboard that consolidates all the information that you copied. Then you may quickly find it and use. The ability to combine different clippings and save frequently used incredibly saves your time. You can enjoy various filters for insertions and apply them whenever you like. It no longer requires a massive number of accompanying actions and any machinations. Convenient, fast and useful. The downside may only be an additional load on the computer’s memory if you use an extensive array of information.


Data security is the most popular function of our time. For all users, safety is paramount. This may help you the utility AppLocker, which quickly installs the password of any desired app on your computer. It is very convenient for those who are not the only computer user and wish to restrict access. Now you can be confident that no one can touch your information or accidentally (or especially) will not delete essential data. This is done automatically, and you only need to start the application and select objects for the password. The downside is that you can quickly forget the password from an app and you will have to undergo a recovery procedure. 


The Bartender application closes this list, which is aimed at managing your utilities inside the menu. You can control them as you like, by hiding, or by exposing them. The menu bar will be entirely under your control. This will show the apps that you need. The rest will either be on the Bartender panel or hidden. You can also customize the panel in such a way convenient order to you, and this applies to both the menu bar and the board itself Bartender. Enjoy absolute minimalism, because you can also hide the menu item Bartender. This will ensure you full confidentiality. Use the hotkey to activate the utility and easily navigate between apps in one click. You can search through all menu items. Start typing the text in the search bar, and the menu will take you to the desired application. As you see, the interface is adapted for fast work and is 100 % functional. Use the seven – day free admission to this utility to make confident its usefulness by yourself. This utility will undoubtedly have to get used to a little. I will be necessary to understand the functionality and management. But it is going to take very little time. 

As you can see, a vast number of applications are aimed at doing your work at the computer as efficient and enjoyable as possible. They save your time and energy. Take a closer look at the utilities described by us, and you will find your favorite.

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