The question on many minds is, just how big is Apple? To put it into perspective, there are now nearly as many iOS devices in operation as there are vehicles owned around the world. With 200 million device in operation today, 72 million of those devices are iPhones that were sold during 2011. The combined weight of the iPhone sales alone is enough to rival the weight of the Eiffel Tower.

Based on the value of all of the company’s tradable shares, Apple is the the number one company on the stock market. This places them above oil giant Exxon, software giant Microsoft and IBM. With an estimated worth of $508 billion, their worth is more than that of Google and Microsoft combined.

To put Apple’s sales into perspective, there are an average of 694 iPads sold every minute around the globe. This averages out to 11 units moved every second. With new devices and technology on the horizon, Apple is showing no signs of slowing down.


Just How Big Is Apple?

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