You’re in business to make money, which often means you’re careful about how much of it you spend. However, as you’ll probably know from experience, you’ve also got to spend money to make money. If you’re going to invest in any part of your business, it should be in technology. The following pieces of technology could have more value in your line of work than you thought possible. 

Online Education

online education

Upskilling is an essential part of any workplace. As processes change and technology moves forward, you have to move with it. However, attending classes to gain qualifications can be a costly exercise. You have to take time off work, pay for travel to get there, and maybe even accommodations if you’re staying away from home. Fortunately, technology has been a game-changer in this respect. Take Deakin University Online courses, for example. Rather than attend a university lecture in person, you can upskill and complete your entire degree online. There’s no need to travel, take time off work, or even visit a campus. Your business then benefits from your newfound skills once you graduate. 

Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants

Whether you’re a start-up company or a well-established business, you may soon see the value in having virtual assistants. Every workplace has those time-consuming jobs that have to be done but aren’t producing any money. While you’re spending time on data entry and similar, you could be out selling your products and services.

A virtual assistant can take care of many of those mundane jobs while also cutting business costs. They work from anywhere in the world, which means you don’t have to spend extra money setting them up with a desk and computer in your office. Many also offer competitive rates, and given their job type, there’s no need for vacation or pension pay, health insurance, and other employee costs. 


More companies than ever before are jumping on the automation bandwagon, and for a good reason. This form of technology streamlines business practices, improves productivity, and may even provide a profit boost. Even if automation is a foreign term to you, it won’t take long to realize its potential in your business. The good news is it’s also incredibly simple to put in place. The first step is taking a critical look at your business operations to find out what everyday tasks could become automated. 

Once you’ve identified a few things, pair them with technology that could assist. For example, you might take bookings by phone, which interrupt your daily tasks. With the help of a web development team, you could offer online booking that gives your customers full control. It might take a while to get your team on board with new automated processes, but training sessions may help them get up to speed before long. 

Cloud Computing

Many years ago, big corporations would have to dedicate a significant amount of space to the storage of on-site servers. Those days are over. Cloud computing has allowed businesses and individuals to store their data on online servers, which third-party cloud providers host. This in itself is a brilliant advancement, as you get to free up office space and worry less about data loss. However, it has also meant that employers and employees can access their work files from anywhere

No longer do they have to drive into the office just to view an important document. Instead, they can log into their work server from their mobile phone, tablet, or computer, regardless of their location. The potential for money-saving with such technology can be phenomenal. You can encourage remote-working, downsize your office space to benefit from lower lease costs, and even form an entirely remote team. 

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Newspaper, TV, and radio ads can cost a fortune, and some businesses can’t justify the cost, especially since you often can’t track the results to know if they are bringing in new customers. While there is value in utilizing these advertising methods from time to time, you can also take a more affordable approach. 

Digital advertising through platforms like social media offers full control over the advertising process. You can track your audience, find out your ideal ad style that converts, and control your expenditure. You can spend as much money or as little as you want while ensuring your content targets the right people. 

Technology has been a game-changer for thousands of businesses. In fact, some lines of work wouldn’t even exist without it. However, not every business manager or owner has taken full advantage of technology yet. Even if you take baby steps, it may be worth considering any of these options above. 

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