Involve Kids in Reading on Holidays

Most parents and guardians worry that their kids are not getting enough learning and academic practice during the holidays. Educators have discovered that most kids return from their months long holiday with little to no recollection of what they had studied before school let out. Teachers and parents often have to spend at least a month revising and remind the kids of what they had learnt before the holiday.

What parents forget is that it is easy enough to get your children involved with reading and other educational activities over the holiday. Let’s show you how reading with your children over the holidays can help them retain what they learnt in school.

Help your child read every day

Involve Kids in Reading on Holidays

Add simple and fun educational activities to your children’s daily schedule. While you cook, you can ask them to read aloud the words on bottles, bags, and jars. Or, while putting an object together, read the instructions aloud with your kid.

Find your child’s areas of interest

Your child will not read books that they do not find interesting. Rather than forcing study on them, find material on what your child is interested in, and reading will not seem like a chore to them.


Practice makes perfect and while your child reads, you can help them practice some of the things they learn with free reading comprehension PDF worksheets.

Stick to classics

You might fondly remember some of the timeless classics from childhood. There is nothing wrong with introducing your kids to some of these tested and tried books from Dr. Seuss and the likes. While it will be fun for you to revisit your childhood memories, your kids will also grow their own passion for reading and learning.

Popular series and authors

popular books

Some book series are popular for a reason, and most times, the reason is that they are just that good. Engage your kids over the holidays with books written by popular authors, or popular series their peers might be reading. You can even go a bit further by starting a mini book club for tiny tots, and introducing neighborhood kids to read and discuss the same books.

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