The 5KPlayer is set to transform the way we listen to and watch videos on our Windows and iOS devices. With new and exclusive built in video playing feature, this ultimate video audio playing tool surely takes the experience to a whole new level. The 5KPlayer comes with an AirPlay streamer and an online video downloader; these two are speciality built features that enhances your video playing experience. This tool is a clear indication of the milestone that technology has covered from the 240p to the 4K.


As an emerging trend, the 4K technology is taking over the industry with devices such as Smartphones and PCs currently using the technology to display videos. The 5K is an even better version as compared to the 4K as it boasts of resolutions of up to 5120×2880 pixels. This is what the player offers you; a larger than life visual experience. This review of the player is designed to help you gain a better understanding of the amazing 5KPlayer.


As one of the few players currently supporting 5K resolutions, you can expect a lot from 5KPlayer and so far, this awesome tool is yet to disappoint.

1. Ability to play 4K/5K/1080p HD videos

With the player you cannot expect anything less than sheer high quality videos. It plays these videos with a lot of ease and gives you an awesome experience at the same time. In addition to this, the player also supports: DVDs, and 3D viewing provided that you have the 3D glasses. With this tool you never have to worry about playing any video, the 5KPlayer guarantees you extraordinary effects with your videos.

2. AirPlay Video Music Stream

AirPlay Video Music Stream

The player comes equipped with an AirPlay receiver and an AirPlay sender. As a receiver, the player allows you to stream media files both audio and videos from your iPad, iPhone and iPod to your Mac OS device. On the other hand, the AirPlay sender feature provides for the free mirroring of AAC, MP4, H.264, MP3 and M4V from your iMac or MacBook to your AirPlay speakers and Apple TV wirelessly. The Airplay feature will do you a lot of good especially when you have the WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe installed which has the ability of running over 370 video audio codecs and at the same time converting between different video formats.

3. Ability to play a range of music formats

The 5KPlayer is built with the capabilities of supporting a number of music formats including but not limited to: FLAC music, APE, AAC, and MP3. The audio quality is one of a kind and will surely activate your sense in all the right ways.

4. In-built radio player  

The player is capable of receiving satellite radio to allow you to easily listen to some of your favourite radio stations. The in-built radio is equipped with already preset internet radio stations as a recommendation for you to listen to. You can also opt to input a subsistent radio URL if you so wish.

5. Ability to download videos from your favourite channels   

Ability to download videos from your favourite channels

The fact that the player is able to support as many as 300+ online video sites makes the tool perfect when it comes downloading videos from any of the video channels including YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, and Yahoo among others. If you are looking for an all-inclusive solution to free downloads of videos and music songs, this is the player you need to have.

6. Ability to create your own media library

This is one player that allows you to create your own media library where you can access and manage your YouTube music and playlist. With 5KPlayer, you can easily sort out your favourite audio and videos meaning that you should not have any problems playing your videos or audio files on the player.

The 5KPlayer is an aweseome to have it installed in your device. You can even play video files freshly ripped from your WinX DVD Ripper Platinum which is one of the region-free DVD rippers ideal for PC users across the world. Enjoy the awesome experience and make the most of the 5KPlayer which is set to take over the industry.

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