XNSPY Review – A legit spyware or a scam?

Everyone has been in a situation where they wonder if they could look into someone’s smartphone. Well, it is valid, and you are not alone in this. Maybe it’s your kids who you are trying to monitor or your partner. Most of us have been there, and it’s quite frustrating. 

XNSPY, as the name applies, a spying app that can help you spy or monitor someone’s smartphone. Many parents stay concerned about who their children are with because of the negative impacts of excessive usage. Who they are calling and what kind of messages they are receiving. Most of the kids, despite the trust, do not share such information with their parents. XNSPY can help you get an oversight of their online life and ensure that your kids stay safe from the potential dangers. It also helps in tracking your employees remotely. You can measure their productivity during working hours through XNSPY. 

However, to find out if XNSPY is actually worth the price tag, here is an overview of its details:

Offered features review

XNSPY offers a wide range of advanced features. The total number of functions that it provides is around thirty. Let us take a look at some of the most used specialties of XNSPY.

  • Calls/Messages monitoring

XNSPY allows you to track all of the incoming, outgoing and missed calls as well as all the exchanged messages. You can record particular calls and check the time and duration of each one as well. 

  • Social media monitoring 

Parents who worry about their kids using social media apps could use XNSPY to clear their doubts and fears. This app lets you track your kids’ activities on every social media app like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Tinder, Twitter, and many more. You can block or delete particular apps as well. 

This feature helps you secure your child’s contact with inappropriate content. 

  • Internet Activity log 

XNSPY helps you to keep track of all the internet activities. This feature can be helpful for parents and employers as well. However, XNPSY doesn’t support content filtering, which means you cannot block specific websites on the targeted phone. 

These features also allow you to check the browsing history and bookmarked pages. 

  • View multimedia files

XNSPY allows you to see all of the multimedia files. That means you can see all of the exchanged photos, videos, and audio files on messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and other apps. You can download any file on your smartphone too. 

  • Check emails 

Another feature that can be beneficial for both employers and parents is email tracking. You can check all of the exchanged emails on the targeted phone. It allows you to keep track of every professional and personal event of their lives. This feature can help employers secure their businesses on advanced levels. 

  • Wi-Fi and Key logger

Another useful feature that XNSPY offers is the Wi-Fi and key logger. It provides you a history of all the Wi-Fi networks of the targeted phone. It can help employers ensure their data security. 

XNSPY Review – A legit spyware or a scam?

The keylogger can record every keystroke made on the targeted device. It can help you find anything you want. 

  • GPS location tracking

You can track the exact location of someone through this feature. Parents can use this feature to keep an eye on their kids when they are not around. Another additional feature is geofencing. You can mark any area as unsafe or safe using geo-fencing, and XNPSY will send you direct notifications if the targeted phone leaves or enters that specific location. 

  • Remote controls and commands

Regardless of the distance, XNPSY allows you to manage the targeted phone remotely. You can control the device without any physical access. It means you can manage the apps, view pictures and videos, take screenshots, download images, and access the phone whenever you want. 

  • Watch list feature

XNPSY offers a specific feature called the watch list feature, which allows you to add any data in the lists, such as contact, location, or any word. XNSPY will then send you direct alerts if any activity related to the added information takes place. This feature can help parents protect their kids from online and offline dangers. Employers can use it to ensure that the workers do not waste their time on anything unproductive. 

XNSPY offers many features, but the number of features may vary according to your device and the subscription model. For example, it offers two different pricing options: The Basic and the Premium. The basic versions cost $49.99/month, $69.99/quarter, and $99.99/year. However, the premium versions cost you $59.99/month, $99.99/quarter, and $149.99/year.

For either one, the list of features varies:XNSPY Review – A legit spyware or a scam?

Affordability and compatibility

It offers two different subscription models: The Basic version and the Premium version. The Basic version costs you USD 4.99 each month, while the Premium version costs you USD 7.49 per month. You have to pay around USD 140 every year to monitor one device. There may be apps that allow you to keep track of more than one device at the same cost. However, these apps may lack in offering the set of exceptional features that XNSPY does.

Talking about the compatibility of XNSPY, it works with both Android and iOS devices. It supports all the Android devices that run on version 4.0 and above. XNSPY is one of the few apps that supports the devices running the latest Android 10.0 Oreo. For iOS, it is compatible with iOS above 6. However, the set of features may differ for each device. Many features work on iOS devices only with the premium version.

Pros and cons 

Let us note the pros and cons of XNSPY so you can have a clear idea of it.


  • It works in stealth mode, which helps you give your child their freedom and ensure their safety at the same time. 
  • It provides many advanced features for both employers and parents. 
  • It offers features that most of the other spying apps don’t. 
  • Its remote control feature allows you to control the device without any physical access. 


  • It doesn’t offer sound refund options. 
  • With all of its features, it does not provide any content blocking feature.
  • Some features require device rooting/jailbreaking. 

Technical details summary 

Supported devices:

  • iPhone/iPad: You can install XNSPY on all jailbreak IOS devices. XNPSY runs with all the Apple devices with iOS 6.0 to 9.0.3. These include all the older models, plus the new ones, including the iPhone XS Max, XS, iPhone XR, and the previous years’ iPhone 8/8 Plus.
  • Android devices: It works on all devices running Android version 4.x up to Android 9.x.

Pricing Model:

  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions


  • Parents 
  • Medium Business


XNSPY only supports the English language. 


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