GAMES! They are always fun , irrespective of one’s age.


When you experience the game in XBOX am sure you would turn into a child from an adult.

Here is the best or highly rated games that you can enjoy on XBOX.

FAR CRY 3   RATED: 9.0

The game dictates you are stranded on  island that is lawless and cruel. You step into the shoes  of Jason Brody, now you to choose the battles that you fight and behave as if you are inhuman killing all your enemies you see all the way to finish.

HALO 4      RATED:9.0

This is the fourth release of its kind. Here as per the story line up the Master chief returns to the battle bent on vengeance.

One of its user commented  “Possibly the best Halo YET!!! Amazing installment to the series. Halo 4 changes from bungie but sticks to its roots” 


It’s a action- adventure game that is set to take place in 1775 colonial America.

The earlier version have been a great block buster and this is too!!

It has been released for both PC and PS3


It the subsequence of 2010’s Black Ops.

The game has been designed with futuristic view the weapons used are so. It gives more information about background details and more value from users point of view.It has single-player campaign, competitive multi player, and zombies mode.

On XBOX the game seems to fall down on its rating but still its a great experience.

“So enjoy them and share your views, after all whose doesn’t wanna play games “

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