Many of us have different devices for media consumption — at least, two. In most cases, it’s a laptop and a smartphone. Depending on the running platforms, however, there are some issues in terms of compatibility. You may not be able to play certain media formats in certain devices, and this is common when it comes to Video Files. That’s also why you seriously need a Video Converter software in your computer — giving you a complete freedom of multi-device media consumption. Quite recently, we came across Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate — which is more than a usual video converter.

In this article, we are going to have a detailed review of the product. At the end of the review, you will know whether you need Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for your PC or Mac.

About Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

Essentially, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a video converter, available for Windows and macOS. It offers support for almost every video format out there, with regularly-added support for new formats. In addition to this basic task, however, you can burn DVDs, Download Videos from online sites, Edit Videos and set up Media Server for streaming. In other words, we would love to call it a complete Media Suite for every media consumer out there. If you have multiple devices — say, an iPhone, Android and PC — it becomes an essential software package.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate offers free and premium versions. There are no differences in terms of features. However, the free version allows a certain number of video conversions only. So, if you need an unlimited video-conversion and downloading experience, you will have to purchase the premium version — which is, quite notably, affordable.

Let’s Check Out the Features

Now, let’s move on to the major sections of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. We’ll also discuss major features we loved during our review.

  • Convert Video Files

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate lets you convert videos via different methods. Either, you can select the destination format manually. Or, you can simply select the destination device, and the software will find the best-suited format.

Its converter utility supports more than 159 Video and Audio formats in total. And, that is pretty much all the media formats you’d come across. Conversion speeds are impressive and does not compromise quality. However, you can adjust the total quality of video. You can also do some audio-based customizations.

  • Edit Videos with Ease

This is a usual feature to be found in video converter package. With Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, you can make certain edits to the video. It’s not a fully-fledged video editor or anything near that. However, you can increase brightness, add some filters or crop certain parts of a video. This feature is available across the software.

You can use it while converting, burning DVDs or downloading online video. The features are mainly for video enhancement and include Aspect Ratio Change, De-interlacing, Metadata Edits etc.

  • Download Videos from YouTube and More

You don’t need a third-party YouTube downloader if you have Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. In a single click, you can download your favorite video from YouTube and other video-sharing platforms. Not just that; you can convert them instantly. Another feature is to convert YouTube videos into audio and download them as MP3 files. Other supported websites include Vimeo, Facebook, Hulu etc.

  • Burn Video Files into DVDs

There are times when you need to copy media files into DVD, for better quality. In this media suite, it’s just a few minutes away. You have to import the files into the interface and hit the Burn button. What’s more, it is possible to create an interactive Video DVD. It means you can create the suitable DVD Titles. You’ve access to tens of DVD Templates and additional customizations.

  • Stream Your Content Wirelessly

While other devices were somewhat conventional, Wondershare Media Streamer is something different. It lets you turn your computer into a Wireless content streamer. And, you can connect a DLNA or uPnP-based device to the network. This is a great feature if you want to stream content into your big HD TV. And, you need less wires to do that.

The Take on Usability

In Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, all the sections are user-friendly. Even when you have zero-level experience with video editing, you won’t have trouble with the in-built Video Editor. Same is the case when we come to DVD Burning or Video Downloads. We believe, this package is suitable for advanced users and beginners alike. It’s because you are getting scope for ample customization as well.

The Bottom Line

Whether you have 2 devices or 10 devices for media consumption, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a worth-having software package. In a single tool, you can perform five types of tasks, which is great. When compared to other video converter tools, it consumes less resources as well. In light of our review, we would say we are really impressed by this multi-purpose media manager solution.

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