Being an iOS, I’ve always relied on the most authentic and generic device managers made for us, iTunes. However, using one and the same tool for long just sucks the whole excitement out of it. Moreover, I wouldn’t deny the claims of some iOS users that unlike iPhone/iPad, iTunes has nothing captivating enough. Hence, I got quite excited when I got a chance to review an alternative to the iTunes, called Wondershare TunesGo Retro. Turns out that I had a marvellous experience getting my hands on TunesGo Retro and I’m delighted to share the same with you guys.


Wondershare TunesGo Retro is an all new application to manage iOS devices and promote a healthy communication between them. It is available for both Windows and Mac. Along with all the generic features like transferring Music, Photos, Videos, Contacts, etc it comes equipped with some unique capabilities as well. We will be going through a thorough review of Wondershare TunesGo Retro not missing any aspect of the application. So let us get started.

As soon as you connect an iOS device, the applications extracts all the data from the device. You have the liberty to connect more than one device at a time and still manage them easily. The device gets connected quickly and one can see all the content including media, playlist, photos, contacts and SMS in the left sidebar. The media tab sorts the music, videos, podcasts, etc automatically and you can navigate among them swiftly. You can simply click the “Add” button to populate more music from the system. One can also select “Fix Music” to update the information about each song.


Moving over to playlist tab, here you can scan through your playlist, add or delete them. Though there is nothing with this, but I still felt more comfortable than I usually do in case of iTunes. Same goes with the Photos section. You can see all the folders just like they are in your iOS device. Under the contacts tab, you can manage by importing or exporting them into various files formats. If you’re tired of touching the screen, editing the contacts from Wondershare TunesGo Retro itself would be a good option.


Toolkits include all the backup options. You can create a quick backup for your contacts, photos and SMS. A new tool has been include recently, known as GIF Maker. The GIF Maker can help you create customs GIFs using photos and videos. Find the duplicate content in your iOS device and optimize the storage capacity regularly.

What we liked about Wondershare TunesGo Retro?

After checking out all the features and using the application for hours, we realized that navigating through the application and carrying out the task of adding or deleting stuffs was far simpler than that in iTunes. I have never had such a good time updating my iPhone with new music. Hence, full marks to Wondershare TunesGo Retro in terms of usability for interactive user interface. One more thing which I’d like add is that throughout the usage, TunesGo Retro worked fluently without any lag. Having said that, I didn’t found any compromise being done in terms of utility.


What we didn’t like about Wondershare TunesGo Retro?

In order to discard and take up the Wondershare TunesGo Retro, the customers will have to shell out $39.95 for a lifetime license. According to us, the amount of $39.95 is somewhere more than what is being offered by the application. Also one thing which Wondershare TunesGo Retro fails to include is searching music online. I often scratch around in iTunes store which I couldn’t in Wondershare TunesGo Retro.

Hence coming to the conclusion, Wondershare TunesGo Retro is a big time alternative for iTunes. I would surely flag a green signal if you want to shift from iTunes to any other iOS device manager, provided you can afford the price of $39.95 for it. If you have second thought

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