PDF stands for Portable Document Format, which was created by Adobe to unify the format of the document on different systems.

There are all kinds of word processors and spreadsheet creators that we use across offices and homes. People who use Microsoft Office are familiar with formats like DOC, DOCX, XLSX, etc. But people who use other software like Open Office are mostly familiar with a format like ODF, ODT, etc. This creates a problem when you are sharing the documents and the other party who doesn’t have the same software as you do can’t view the file.

PDF eliminates this exact problem as it can be read by many software across systems running Windows, Linux or OS X. Though PDF is not editable by default, which is a good thing to keep the document secure from any unauthorized editing, but sometimes we need to edit a PDF to eliminate or omit a mistake.

There is a way to edit these PDF files, and that is through using a PDF editor. To explain in detail, a PDF editing software allows you to edit PDF files that can’t be edited normally. You can edit textual as well as image part of the PDF files.

There are many PDF editing software out there, but not all of them are that great. You can use the Wondershare PDFelement editor to edit PDF files. This editor comes with many features and is extremely easy to use.

This post is the review of PDFelement, and we will also list the various features of the software in the same post.

Wondershare PDFelement – Introduction

The Wondershare PDFelement is a PDF editing software that allows you to edit, modify and convert PDF files easily. You can edit the textual content of the PDF along with the images inside the PDF. You can also convert these PDF files into formats like DOCX, XLSX, etc.

This software also has extremely easy to use user interface that even a novice can use without any problems.

Wondershare PDFelement – Features & Specialties

User Interface

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As you can see, the user interface of the program is quite simple to see and navigate through. Each and every option is laid out neatly, and you can directly access the core features without the mess of going through menus and submenus.

You will basically see five main options, and they are:

  • Opening a PDF file
  • Creating a new PDF file
  • Editing a PDF file’s text
  • Combining multiple PDF files
  • Converting PDF files to Word, PPT or Excel format

These are the main highlighted features of the PDF editor we are talking about. Let us take a look at the detailed explanation of each feature one by one.

Create a PDF

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If you want to create a PDF version of a document, then you can just click Create a PDF, and you will be asked to choose the file from which you want to create the PDF from. It doesn’t matter what kind of file it is; you can create PDF from a document as well as image.

Edit PDF Text

3 (5)

If you want to make some changes to an already existing PDF file, then this option will come in handy. You can just select the PDF file after clicking the option and you will be able to edit the text material inside the PDF.

Combine PDF files

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Sometimes we need to combine two files into one to create one single document. The process of doing it manually might result in anomalies and problems, but you can do this easily with Wondershare PDFelement.

Convert PDF

5 (1)

If you want to convert a PDF file into a writable format like Word, PowerPoint or Excel, then you can do that as well with the Wondershare PDFelement.

How to get it?

The Wondershare PDFelement is available for free trial from the official website of PDFelement. Just head over to the official Wondershare PDFelement website and click the download button to download the software. This is available for Mac OS X as well as a Windows-based PC.

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