The world today has been captured by the smartphones that, with their small screens, have hooked the user’s attention towards them. Everyone these days is using their smartphone for various reasons.

Some play games, some attend meetings, watching movies, and streaming online content is another favorite of many people, and of course the social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. 

Since the smartphone with its iOS and Android software has made us addicted to it, the small screen leaves no space for us to rest our fingers. Holding it is another big challenge that demands an effective solution. 

While an individual spends most of the time on the smartphone, something more comfortable was being demanded. Innovation and technology stepped hand in hand and gave birth to an incredible application, the Wondershare MirrorGO.

MirrorGo is the best technological advancement that has been made by Wondershare. Using this application, you can mirror every activity you are doing on your smartphone to a larger PC screen.

With a swift slide, your entire data will move from the small screen to a big one. You can mirror iPhone to PC, control it from the computer, and do much more. 

Let’s now review some of its best features that will tempt you to opt for this great application that will change your life you live till now.

Play games

With the MirrorGo app, you can experience the best gaming experience that you have never experienced before. The clean graphics, swift controls, and a better view, you get access to everything using this incredible application.

All this while you had to rely on your smartphone to keep you engaged and had to manage playing games with that small screen with tiny cracks on it. Now, the time has changed, and so has the technology.

You only need to connect your iPhone with your PC using a USB cable or WiFi. Once the connection is established, your smartphone’s interface will get transferred to the PC. It is from this point that you can start controlling your iPhone using your computer.

To play your favorite game, open the app on the phone, and watch the curtains open on the big screen of your PC. You no longer need to zoom in and out the screen and control the action through your thumb.

Your game’s controls get synced to your computer as you establish the connection between your smartphone and your computer. You can use the mouse and the keyboard to control your movements in the game and have fun. 

Data Transfer

Is your phone’s memory full of your pictures, videos, and other relevant data? Then you are all covered with MirrorGo and its magical software. Install the Wondershare MirrorGo app on your PC and launch it before establishing any connection.

Once launched, connect your two devices via WiFi or a USB cable. For transferring the files and folder, all you need to do is drag the file and drop it at the desired place. 

If you transfer your PC’s data into your phone, drag the folders from the PC and drop them on your phone and vice versa. Data transfer has never been so effortless before the MirrorGo app came into existence.

You can transfer an entire lot of data from one device to another in just minutes. MirrorGo is gaining popularity these days due to its flexible data transfer mechanism. Long gone are the days when you had to copy every data in a hard disk and empty the device to create space.

Besides transferring the normal data, you can also use the MirrorGo app to transfer APK files. Don’t hesitate to click more pictures and create memories because now MirrorGo has your back.

Handling Social Media

Nobody will disagree that typing on a physical keyboard is much more comfortable than typing on smartphones’ virtual keyboard. The letters appear small, and when you type, your thumb being big presses another alphabet in the process.

You then have to erase that unwanted letter and type the same thing again. Also, seeing the notifications and replying to them becomes a task, especially when you are on a call or playing a game.

You will have to either pause your game to reply or bear with the notifications’ vibrations while on an important call. Wondershare’s excellent app mirrorGo is now rectifying these shortcomings. 

Using MirrorGo, you can reply to a message on your social media, attend a call, and simultaneously play a game. Even while doing so, your activity won’t get hindered. Also, the convenience of typing a message using a physical keyboard will give you more fun. 

Some final words

It is time to take a step forward and change your old style of using technology. Now it’s time to change your regular smartphone into a big desktop screen and conveniently do your work. 

Answer the calls, reply to the messages, and play games while you work. Nothing is holding you back when mirrorGo is at your service.

Hence, if you want to upgrade your living style and shake hands with the fast pacing technology, get connected to Wondershare MirrorGo and see the change yourself.

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