Internet has reached to a level where it is no longer a necessity to watch the buffer sign loading on your screen. Users can watch videos online at a considerable speed without any lag. However, many of us prefer to download videos in our device and watch them later as per convenience. The process to download the videos though is quite complicated and then converting it to the format compatible with the device is again troublesome. Hence, having an application which can perform all these tasks single handedly saves a lot of time. Wondershare AllMyTube is one such application which helps in downloading videos from any website. Today we will be presenting you a full-fledged review of Wondershare AllMyTube.

wondershare allmytube

Why do you need Wondershare AllMyTube?

Let us first revise the generic way of downloading a video from internet. One needs to spend time on Google to find a legit website which can download the video using URL. After downloading the video, one should have an application which can convert this video into a format compatible with device. And then another application if the video is to be converted into an audio file. You can see how complicated it can get. Therefore, an application like Wondershare AllMyTube is needed to simplify this process of downloading videos from internet.

Wondershare AllmyTube - Downloading Videos

What are the advantages of Wondershare AllMyTube?

The first and foremost advantage of Wondershare AllMyTube is that you won’t need to switch to a browser or even feel the pain of using a USB to transfer the video from desktop to device. Yes, right from browsing the video and finding it in your device, Wondershare AllMyTube does all for you.

AllMyTube has an inbuilt browser from which you can visit any website online to find the video you wish to download. Moreover, on the homepage of the browser you will find all the popular video streaming websites where you can get all the latest videos. You can convert the videos downloaded into any format. Wondershare AllMyTube recognizes most of the popular devices including Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, PSP, PS3, DroidX and many more. Subsequently you can also convert the videos into MP3, MP4 and other formats.

advantages of wondershare allmytube

Now when it comes to transferring the video into your smartphone, Wondershare AllMyTube facilitates sending these videos using Wi-Fi transfer. So you can transfer all the videos you’ve downloaded through AllMyTube quickly by Wi-Fi transfer. An additional functionality provided by AllMyTube is video recorder. Yes, if you’re fond of recording video tutorials which demand recording your screen, then you can make use of this feature.

AllMyTube video recorder

How to Use Wondershare AllMyTube?

Download Videos Online

  • Open Online Video Tab.
  • Visit the website from where you wish to download video.
  • Copy the URL of the page where the video exists.
  • On the Download Tab, push the paste URL button.
  • After a few moments, the download will start.

wondershare allmytube how to use

Convert Video to Different Formats

  • Switch to the Finished Tab in the left sidebar.
  • You shall see a Convert option besides the video.
  • Push the button and select the device from the list for which you want to convert the video.
  • Choose OK and the conversion will start.

wondershare convert video

Transfer Videos from AllMyTube to Smartphone

  • Download the Wondershare Player on your smartphone.
  • Using the app, scan the QR code. You can find the QR code in WiFi Transfer tab.
  • Once the QR code is scanned you will find an option to transfer videos.
  • Make sure that you’ve your Wi-Fi enabled.

These were the basic provisions offered by Wondershare AllMyTube. As you can see, using AllMyTube looks like a cake walk. Now let us talk about the price which you’ll have to pay for buying a licenced Wondershare AllMyTube. A lifetime licence for AllMyTube will cost you $29 and a yearly licence will cost $19. According to us, the cost is quite reasonable and one should not deny the product for the same reason.

Drawing the conclusion based on the features we’ve discussed, we would highly recommend Wondershare AllMyTube. Given the clean layout and elegant user interface of the application, one can get used to it in no time. AllMyTube acts as a one stop shop for download videos from over 10,000+ websites online.

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