With rising crime rates in your neighborhood and spine-chilling creepy incidents being narrated online, security of homes and offices is becoming a major concern. Afraid of what might be lurking inside or around your home while you are away or worrying about safety of your child after school when you can’t check them? Security camera system is probably best suiting fix-up.

Of huge variants of these security camera offered in markets, wireless security camera systems are latest additions to security solutions. Wireless systems have evolved to make surveillance process easier by eliminating hassles of cords to connect cameras to DVR. They are absolutely effortless to install even if you lack technical knowledge and ability and offer portability.

But there are few things you should know and be sure of before going for wireless security systems.

Wireless Systems are sometimes not Wireless:

Wireless Security Camera Systems

Yes, wireless cameras are not actually wireless like their name says until you are buying battery powered ones. They come with cables to supply them with power. You need to plug them to electrical sockets and feed them with electricity to turn camera on. Battery powered ones are totally wireless, but require frequent changing of cells. Choosing high-quality, long lasting lithium ion battery can be convenient.


Interference in signals can hamper data transmission and quality of video, images and sound. This interference can come from countless of sources like mobile phones, cordless phones, thick walls, bad weather conditions, power lines in vicinity, any object near the camera and many more. Such interference can lead to jumpy, distorted or grainy feed and loss in feed from cameras sometimes.

Risk of Hacking:

Wireless systems can be hacked as easily like your other accounts. Without your knowledge someone might be fiddling with your system, controlling and viewing your videos and images. A great risk arises when someone remotely controls your security and hasaccess to all your videos. Change your passwords frequently to keep such risks at bay.

Risk of Hacking

Get Enough Cameras Especially Night Vision Ones

Ensure that you buy cameras adequate enough to cover all your indoors, outdoors and blind spots. Some systems may not come with that much of camera you need. Calculate how many cameras you need before buying. Get high-grade cameras with night vision for a high-quality videos and images at night. Infra-red cameras best for this.

Wireless camera systems are small in size, handy and user-friendly.  As they are wireless and small, they can be concealed and hidden to ensure that no one notices them. You can place your camera anywhere you want within range of wireless receiver and be assured of a strong vigilance. Wireless systems deliver significantly higher-quality of video and audio recording as compared to their wired counterparts.

Presently you can find wireless systems that store their feeds or recordings in hard disks or cloud storage and you can easily access them remotely from a smartphone. Many come with apps that are compatible with android and iOS for a greater convenience along with email alerts facility. But, before arriving at any decision do check out reviews of brands that you are intending to purchase. Sites like Security Camera System Pro are great and reliable and provide a detailed review of best sellers in market. Leave all your worries behind and sleep peacefully by going for the best system to protect your home and your beloved ones.

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