Have you ever tried to copy Blue-Ray Disks and got success ? Most of the time you wont,since original fles are copyright protected and also Its not advisable to copy files individually.If the process breaks then you can’t find where it has ended.

winiso-boxThe best method to solve this problem is using specialized softwares like WinISO.WinISO is the most popular WIndows software for managing ISO files such as copying,burning,mounting Iso files etc.

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Lets discuss about the features of this software

Make disc image files from CD/DVD/Blu-ray Drive

As I mentioned earlier it is difficult to copy original diskas but with WinISO standard you can easily copy it in ISO format which later can be burned or mounted to play the contents.

Burn ISO image file to CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc

Its also possible to burn the ISO images to CD,DVD or Blue-ray disks.Quiet useful when you want to make multiple copies of a single source file.

Make bootable CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc images

Use WinISO to write Bootable disks.Bootable disks are normally used to install OS.

Play Games and Movies by mounting the ISO file

Without using the source CD/DVD you can mount the ISO file directly from the hard disk.

other features includes

  • Convert image files between ISO / BIN and other formats.
  • Extract, edit, rename ISO files directly
  • Merge duplicate files

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