When it comes to gaming, I’ve never ever done it just for fun or “for the sheer hell(read ‘sake’) of it”. It has always been about making a mark in the gaming community. There always has to be a sense of accomplishment, even though it might mean absolutely nothing in real life.

Games, by themselves, come and go every so often, but there has to be something out of it that stays with us for the rest of our lives… or till we forget the password of our gaming accounts. XBOX has done this via the Gamerscore, while PS does this using Trophies, Steam via Achievements and iOS GameCenter via “points”. There are people all over the world with a set quota on how much to spend on games per month, and then there’s us – nothing wrong with it, we just don’t choose to spend a few hundred bucks on games for life over the occasional fifty on a game parlour per hour. So, as an incentive – a complete coincidence nonetheless – XBOX games for Windows’ prices have been slashed for the next two days.

XBOX – Something Windows always was, but missed until now…

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with the use of the terms “XBOX” and “Windows” in the same sentence, you might have missed out on the opportunity to know of the most recent update of Windows we’ve come to know and love – Windows 8. But don’t fret; these offers come and go every now and then so there will be plenty of opportunities for you all to download that game of yours you’ve been eyeing for a few months at a “reasonable” price. What you can worry about, though, is that I’ve already bought many of the games here and I’ll be far ahead of you by the time the next offer pops up.

The current sale lasts till Monday, 8th April, and if you’re lucky early morning 9th April (up to 10 AM) so you’d better purchase them soon.

So, let’s get to it then…


Following are games that have gone from paid to free for this sale period. It is unknown, at this point, if the price point sticks but don’t take a risk; it’s free after all…

iStunt 2

iStunt 2
Ah! The good old days of flash games…

iStunt 2 is … well, I don’t know how to describe it. It is a fairly sloppy attempt at turning a flash game into a Windows app, but at least, as long as I get GamerScore points out of it, I’m quite happy. As far as I remember, the game initially cost Rs.100, but now you get it for Free.

Gravity Guy

Gravity Guy
Try not to get addicted to it. You might damage the spacebar…

Gravity Guy is pretty much the same as iStunt 2 in regards to its heritage. It is somehow more meaningful yet has less usable controls, actually just one control – the space bar key. I’m not going to spoil it for you, but I guess you probably know how it works. Initially, this once free flash game was available for Rs.100, and I pity the one who bought it then, but now you’ll get it for Free.


Next comes games that have recently been released, almost during the sale period. It is unclear if these games will be free after the sale, so to be on the safer side, it is better to get them quick.

Shuffle Party

Shuffle Party

Shuffle Party is a game by Microsoft that involves skeet shooting into bowling pins, or into another arrangement of skeet. There is a variety of game modes that includes a form of competitive shooting and precise shooting. If you have owned or used a Windows Phone, you’d be quite familiar with this particular example off of the free XBOX games list Shuffle Party had for a long time been a free Windows Phone game and it is great that it’s become available for Windows hardware for Free.

Samurai vs Zombies Defence

You’ve got to let me have this one – look at the grumpy samurai. You’d not see this on the game tile

Well, the title is pretty self explanatory, but samurais are… remember Samurai Jack… yeah! and zombies are… you know one of those undead creatures Scooby Doo was scared of. So this game is pretty much a fight between you as the samurai and a horde of zombies. The game is by Glu and they tend to develop free games that have in-app purchases. But don’t worry, every GamerScore point can be achieved without paying a single rupee.


Now for the games that fall under the proper definition of “sale”.

ilomilo plus

Like them if you love your mom/dad/child. Scroll on if you worship the devil!!!

This is my personal favourite. Throughout the game, your only objective is to bring the two characters – Ilo and Milo – together through a variety of puzzles. Every puzzle brings you closer to knowing them – or not depending on whether you become emotionally attached to fictional characters. The game initially sold for Rs.350, but that has been brought down to Rs.150 for the sale period. Enjoy!!!

Hydro Thunder Hurricane

Go! Go!! Go!!! – but legally…

Hydro Thunder Hurricane is a pretty awesome game available for quite some time on Windows Phone and seems to be gaining a large user-base on Windows 8. At Rs.500, earlier, people did not hesitate to purchase this water racing game – granted, most of them weren’t from India. Currently it is available at Rs.250. That’s right, a 50{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} discount. It costs as much as it did on Windows Phone; now if that isn’t a steal, what is?

4 Elements II Special Edition

Earth, air, fire, water are the 4 element. Now I can sleep in peace…

I suppose if you’re familiar with Captain Planet, this one falls short of the final element – heart. Irrelevant I suppose, the game is quite an interesting puzzle – you know the one where you destroy a collection of three or more adjacent similar objects at a time. Well, you’ll get it when you play the game. It had once peaked at Rs. 350 and is currently available for only Rs.70.

Royal Envoy 2 Special Edition

Honestly, a screenshot seems more nicer than an icon in this case…

This is a pretty decent puzzler. It requires some of your architectural/civil-engineering skills but is not mandatory for game-play. There is quite a bit of exploring, finding a variety of characters from different species and over 60 levels to this game. It cost Rs.350 once but would now seem worth it at Rs.100.

Rocket Riot 3D

Quite a messy game to play, but there are a lot of us who miss those simpler times…

I know for certain that gaming arrived at India quite a lot later than elsewhere, so there has not been a lot of 8-bit gaming we have been used to other than Duck-hunt, and some pirated versions of Mario on some Chinese knock-off consoles. Rocket Riot is quite appealing and has made sales but even I wasn’t compelled to buy the game at Rs.150 despite its drop from Rs.250. Still, if you’re up for 90’s nostalgia, I’d suggest you go for it.


This is a great board game – ideal for when you’re bored off of not getting enough “The Walking Dead”…

I must say, I wasn’t expecting to see a board game titled “Zombies!!!”, who would? It is pretty interesting once you get to know it. It is unlike other monotonous board games and has quite a nice 3D graphics feature set. Zombies was released about two weeks ago and was available for Rs. 250, but for this sale period, it is available at Rs. 150 only.


Oh! And one more thing, I wasn’t kidding about GamerScores. As of now I’ve passed 7000, which is not really that great, but fair enough at the rate I get to game. I get a feeling it’s going to skyrocket for this sale period. Add me as an XBOX friend if you’d like. My GamerTag as my name-tag is DenverDias.

The only version of me that looks decent enough all the time


Do leave us comments. It could be anything – which game you like, your GamerScore, your preferred console, etc. We’re here, as always, to bring you the latest and greatest…

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