Windows 8 was released on October 26th of 2012 and Windows Phone followed the lead three days later. Since then, the duo has made amazing leaps ahead of their marketshare prior to these releases. These two operating systems were made to function quite nicely with each other. With native support for your Microsoft account and everything that comes with it – SkyDrive, Mail, People, XBOX, etc., it seems they have reduced quite a lot of work in setting up your systems so that you could instantly enjoy all of what you have come to love. Windows 8 style apps could be bought from the Windows Store and used on 5 computers with your user account. Windows Phone, on the other hand, is your personal computer on-the-go so that you could do all your Windows Stuffs all the time (“Windows Stuffs” – I want that to be a thing). Your amazing experience is going to get even better now that we have a sneak peek at what Microsoft has in store for us next – Windows Blue.

Yes, I know I say “Windows Blue” and the next words that come to your mind is “screen of death”.

There had been reports of something once known as Windows Blue – an operating system that would succeed Microsoft’s latest offering Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Now, that is weird isn’t it. How can something succeed two totally different OS. Windows Phone is a phone OS which cannot function outside  of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors and Windows 8 is an Intel thing. Well, as a resident of India, we have not very often come across yet another iteration of Windows computers – the ARM based ones. Snapdragon itself is ARM architecture based which makes it quite a simple first step for Microsoft to just get Windows 8 on ARM systems out there. Having done that they now wish to make it possible to run the exact same OS on both a phone and a computer and they’ve name the project Blue. This system will become available on Windows 8 computers and Windows Phones over time in the form of small updates that would bridge the gap between these form factors. Once that is done, all one would really need is one singular device – if you’re a non-geek that is.

Luckily, an early build of what is going to be called Windows Blue was leaked online. It is highly illegal to try using it and you risk getting your Microsoft account blocked. But that is what you’ve got me for. I have tested build 6.3.9364 of Windows and brought to you some of the most interesting new features that you might safely expect to find. It is at this point, unclear if we all are eligible for an upgrade to the next Windows – maybe Windows 8.1 or if these features will be available to all current users as a service pack.

For more details on everything observed in Windows Blue head on over to my blog post on Blue…

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