When you search on Google you don’t usually go further than the first page, as you find everything that you needed. But, there are still left hundreds of sites worth to see and explore. Unfortunately, they will be left without attention.

It’s a proved fact that the top listing in Google’s search results receives 33 percent of the traffic. The second position gets 18 percent, and the traffic decreases from here.

An important aspect of SEO is to make the website available and understandable for both search engines and Internet surfers. Although search engines are now very complicated, they aren’t able to perceive information the same way as human beings. SEO is what helps search giants understand what page is about and how helpful it might be for people. It helps you to make your site visible for search systems, understand its limitations, assists you in building, constructing and formatting your page in a proper way.

SEO isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago – it’s been determined as the ever-changing algorithm. In other words, it is quite complex. Although its role for users is measureless – it saves us from that horrible and irrelevant content. Who said that it’s easy to improve your website SEO? It takes lots of effort and time, but it’s worth it and the results speak for themselves.

The part of search ratings is also an incomprehensible thing for website creators and maintainers. The higher a website ranks in search results, the bigger the number of visitors is.

Getting users to stay on your website and interact with your content can boost your website’s ranking. You can do so by improving the user experience and usability of your website.

So What Is Usability?

  • Operability – is what indicates whether users can find information, material or products they are willing to get.
  • Efficiency – is what determines how quickly users can get the desired results.
  • Learnability – is what defines how fast users can navigate the page.
  • Memorability – is what designates whether users can come back to your place.

Why is usability important? Search portals praise web pages that are user-friendly and demonstrate user engagement, which is equal to high usability. It improves when visitors spend more time on the site.

And, Finally, How to SEO-Audit the Site?

Here are a few tricks and tips on how to improve your website’s usability.

Create High-Quality Content

Will you be interested in content that doesn’t educate or entertain you? Definitely, no. Your audience will do the same. Even if you keep up with the latest SEO practices, your webpage won’t become the leading one in the search ranking. Moreover, when your place contains eye-catching content, readers will stay longer and even create bookmarks to come back, increasing the dwell time. Remember: word count doesn’t rule the SEO world. As the more information, the site contains, the more keywords and useful material can be found there.

Use videos to enrich visitors experience. According to recent researches, 72 percent of people would rather get all details about the service or product through the video.

Header Tags

Part your text into sections, so users would be much easier to navigate and find what they need rather than digging in a bunch of useless stuff. No one likes to be hit into a plain sheet of text. What is more, search engines rate keywords in headings heavily – it’s another one secret key to boosting your SEO. Avoid excessive use of headings on one page, endless heading tags and using them for only styling text and not presenting its structure.

Increase Site Speed Load

That factor may be crucial for your website, as on average, people aren’t ready to wait more than 5 seconds until your page loads. If they want something – give it to them immediately. Here are a bunch of reasons for low site loading speed.

  • Server Performance;
  • Large and heavy images;
  • The density of codes;
  • Too many plugins;
  • Unnecessary redirects;
  • External embedded media;
  • Too many ads.

Mobile Site

These days, more and more users are perceiving content on mobile devices and expect sites to be mobile optimized. The world changes constantly. Take to attention the fact that the number of users surfing the Internet via computing device has already surpassed the number using desktops. You may easily lose attendees just because they don’t feel comfortable navigating your site.

Refuse to Flash

Flash is easy to launch. That is why the majority of small businesses prefer to use it. However, using a Flash-based site doesn’t let you link to an individual page, Google grabs that fact to attention and ranks them lower than sites with alternative platforms. We suggest you using WordPress, which will noticeably increase your rankings.

URL Structure

That is the first thing that s search spider uses to rank the page. You had better keep your URL short, keeping it relevant to pages theme and keywords. That change will also enhance the user experience.

Colors and Design

The design is what your viewer sees first and immediately makes a judgment about you and your company. Here’s some useful advice.

  • Don’t select the colors randomly, you would better stick to your brand and follow a certain color scheme.
  • Make sure, that the headings stand out and links are easy to identify, that will catch the user’s eye.
  • Use a readable font size and typography.
  • Use secret techniques such as tabs, progressive layouts, structured grids, sliders, rollover elements, modal windows to add interactivity.

Grow Natural Links

The number of organic and quality inbound links to your site is another secret key. Your relevance and trustworthiness will be estimated as the result of how many times your company was recommended by third parties.

Use ALT Tags

What are they for? It was mentioned before that search engines don’t perceive information the same way as humans do. You should add descriptive words to each video and photo’s imprint, it will locate your page in the search results using the image and video descriptions.

That’s all. You’ve just read a basic review of the website optimization tips, you can easily take advantage of the methods mentioned previously. But you should keep in mind that presenting fascinating and thrilling content is an extremely important factor, as it shows the core of your company and dedication to it.

We truly hope that our advice was useful to you and you won’t neglect it. Who knows, maybe we will soon see your website between the top rankings in Google.

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