In the recent years, governmental interference over the free internet has been on the increase. There are so many blocked websites and content that the government doesn’t want you to see. Not only that, sometimes it becomes necessary to protect your online identity and a major part would revolve around how data is sent and received from your computer.

VPN, expanded as Virtual Private Network takes you a lot closer to achieving the dream of complete internet anonymity and also enables you to access websites and content that is blocked in your region. Windscribe is one such powerful VPN that we will be discussing in detail today.

Windscribe is one of the newest entries in the VPN market, but they come with some of the best services and features in the industry. It provides a range of interesting new features for all of their users which make it the best VPN available online. We have listed a few of them below.

Overcoming Censorship: You can access content and websites censored by the government and use them like they were intended it to be used without any restrictions.

Securing Public Wi-Fi: With the increase in internet penetration, now there are so many open public connections that are available for free use but they are mostly considered to be unsafe and are the favourite spots for data snooping by hackers. Once you have Windscribe VPN installed, you are covered on this accord.

Protected File Sharing: You will be able to share important or personal / business data without worrying about it reaching the wrong hands by using a secure tunnel that can protect your data from the spying eyes of hackers.

The right to your privacy: By using the Windscribe VPN, your network activity can’t be tracked by your Internet Service Provider. You can browse as your heart pleases without worrying about prying eyes.

No-Logs Stored: While many VPNs have this policy of storing their customer usage logs in their database, Windscribe goes the extra yard and doesn’t store any logs. Hence you can rest,  assured that none of your usage history would reach anyone whom you don’t want to.

Speed: The average speed of the service is pretty good. It all depends on the server that you decide to choose. It could be fast since its a relatively new service and we will have to wait a few more years to see if they make real efforts to keep the speeds steady. As of now the speeds are really good and there is literally nothing to complaint in that department.

Privacy Protection:Windscribe makes use of the AES-256-Cipher security with SHA512 authentication and the 4096-bit RSA key which is top of the class when it comes to consumer end Virtual Private Networks.

Support system: The Windscribe team has setup guides and FAQs section all set to help lost customers find their way with any query. If you can’t find an answer to your query and it remains unsolved, you can generate a ticket and contact the customer support for the same and it’ll be taken care of.

Windscribe has both free and paid plans. The free plan requires you to sign-up and create a free account. However the limitation with free accounts is that, you can use the Windscribe service only on one device at a time and use up only 10 Gigabytes of bandwidth with the free account plan. The free account also provides you access to servers located in 8 countries across the globe.

If you want more features and are willing to pay, you can upgrade your free account to a pro account. Windscribe pro plans have added features through which you will be able to access the internet via servers located in over 40+ countries. There is also no limitation when it comes to bandwidth usage and also you can use an endless number of devices with one account.

If you are new to the VPN way, try Windscribe for free, you’ll love the added security and the nifty interface. Let us know if you have any doubts during installation or usage and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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