Technology has grown in leaps and bounds. Every other day, a new feature, function or application is introduced into the market. Individual users always have a field day with this. There are numerous applications that range from games to shopping applications. There are so many things that you can do with such developments.

However, despite the fact that businesses also have a lot to benefit from growing technology, they do not know how to maximize on these new developments and inventions. The question that most businesses have is how they can make the best out of technology in order to place them ahead of their competitors and increase their profit margins.

After all, there are so many devices to choose from and each costs money. So, is there a need to spend so much on technology for your business? Yes, there is. Technology improves your business in the following ways:

Efficiency for most processes

There is increased efficiency in the business processes. The use of computers allows you to cut down on the time that it takes to complete a specific process. If it is procurement, for example, you get to finish the process on a computer much faster than if you had to do everything manually. Computers can save templates which are then saved and used whenever the need arises.

Specialized Software

Some developers have come up with software that allows some business processes to run on their own. This is a great application. Businesses get to save on the money that they would have used to hire extra manpower to run these same processes. Your business will also have a more efficient system. The use of computers eliminates human error in these processes thus making them more stable.

E-commerce Opportunities

Computers allow you to set up an e-commerce part of your business. What this does is to bring people closer to you. You get a wider market as well as cut down on costs of advertisement such as banners. The fact that customers can easily access your products and services at the click of a button is impressive. You are also able to break into other markets without having to go through hurdles. You can test the viability of the market through your e-commerce orders and then decide on whether or not to enter the market completely.

Seamless Change

When a business takes advantage of technology and buys a computer for example, workers can comfortably leave for other opportunities. You do not have to panic whenever an employee hands in their resignation because the other person is able to seamlessly fit into their position. This is possible because of saving processes and integrating them into the system.

Easy Expansion

Your business is able to expand without having to put some major infrastructure in place. Computers allow for efficiency which in turn leads to higher profits, wider markets and more activity. The business therefore expands but in a way that does not force you to invest in more infrastructure or human capital for that matter. This would not have been possible a while back, mainly because you would have to get more manpower to run some of the processes that have been integrated into computers in order to grow and expand the venture.

Simplify Recruitment

Computers and the internet helped eliminate the need for a paper trail. Processes such as receiving applications and screening are now done on the computer. Emails help to eliminate the need to receive paper applications. Other online platforms that allow you to follow up on a potential employee through screening helped to eliminate the need to walk around and move from one regulatory authority to another for purposes of screening.

Improve Communication

The growth of technology has also helped to improve communication. Verbal instructions are no longer issued. Instead, emails are sent with the relevant parties copied therein. This helps to reduce the errors that occur when there is not effective communication. With email for example, you can go back and clarify the instructions that were issued in case you are in doubt of anything.


Computers have allowed the work force to be mobile. Workers can work from anywhere in the world as long as there are ways of accessing the system. When people are on leave and they have access to their computers, they are able to help with any problem that arises in relation to their area of expertise. If, for example, your colleague falls ill and is unable to come into work to send the presentation that was due, they can log in remotely and send the same information in time for the meeting and the presentation.


Businesses cannot move forward if they do not embrace technology. It is important for businesses to invest in technology in the short run with a view of the benefits it will reap in the long run. By that time, the profits amassed from increased efficiency will have already paid back the capital put into the business for newer technology such as computers and the cloud.

Shannon Dunn is the content strategist for The Monitor Monitor, where you can find reviews and recommendations for great computer displays.

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