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3D Online Risk CrosswordIt is scary to think that computers today are still infected with a virus from eight months ago, but it seems that is the case. This is one of the main reasons that online back up services and virus protection software is essential for everyone. There are many Online backup services available online, whichever option you choose, be sure it will protect you from the latest malware.

Computers Everywhere May Still Carry Alureon Malware

According to the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), computers all over the world may still be carrying a virus from a previously dismantled fraud ring. Even though the fraud ring was dismantled last year, it is thought that over 245,000 computers could be infected with the Alureon malware and its brethren.

Because of this virus, those computers infected may lose internet access altogether. However, users who scrub their systems should be fine.

According to Tom Grasso, who is a supervisory special agent, with the Pittsburgh branch, of the FBI Cyber Division, This virus was designed to redirect users to through rogue DNS servers controlled by the thieves. The DNS servers are switchboards that are responsible for redirecting Web traffic. Once the authorities broke up the ring in November of 2011, a federal judge ordered that the agency set up some temporary ‘clean’ servers to prevent this redirection from occurring until the victims’ computers were repaired. However, that service ends on July 9.

Some Internet Providers Have it Covered

Some of the internet providers within the United States, including Time Warner Cable and AT&T, made temporary arrangement for their customers. These arrangements ensure that their clients will have the ability to access the internet with the use of the rogue DNS server’s address.

It is estimated, by the security firm Deteque, that approximately 45,300 computers within the United States are still infected with the virus. The previously estimated number of infected computers peaked at over 175,000, Grasso said.

Some news reports and blogs have hyped up the risk of an outage. They are warning of a possible blackout. They are describing this Alureon malware as an Internet Doomsday virus.

Call Internet Provider to Reconnect

According to Grasso, this virus interferes with the ability of the computer to resolve domain names. This makes it appear as if the user is no longer connected to the internet. If this problem is not fixed in advance, the users will have to call their internet service provider to reconnect to the internet.

Should one be disconnected from the internet, providers will be on call to restore his service in a timely manner. The bigger threat seems to be viruses like SpyEye and Zeus, which have the ability to infect millions of PCs. These viruses are more dangerous because they are utilized to commit financial fraud.

Those interested in performing a check to see if their computers are infected with the Alureon malware and its brethren can visit can visit www.dcwg.orgto see whether their computers are infected. This is a website that is maintained by a group that the FBI has hired to assist with eliminating this virus.

Not a Doomsday Event

According to Grasso, this is most likely not going to be a doomsday event, causing panic. However, it is still a hassle. The good news is that viruses can be avoided by using virus protection software and protecting data with online back up services like dataprotection.com.

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