iphone vs Nexus

Presently if you are planning to buy a High end phone, you can find two competitors competing hard from different brands. And they are LG Nexus 4 powered with Android OS and Apple iPhone 5 powered with iOS. After this article, you will get sure shot idea why to go with LG Nexus 4 instead of iPhone 5. Mostly people feel it’s really difficult to choose one from the both.

Below is the list of some reasons which will give you a clear cut idea why to go with LG Nexus 4 instead of iPhone 5.

iphone vs Nexus

Charging Comparison

LG Nexus 4 has wireless charging so you can be completely hustle free while charging. You don’t need to deal with cumbersome cables and sockets of wired charger. All you need to do is keep the Mobile on the induction charger dashboard and it gets charged. iPhone 5 doesn’t support wireless charging. So it’s a minus point for sure with iPhone 5.

Camera Comparison

Well LG Nexus 4 and Apple iPhone 5 almost have same camera configuration of 8 Mega Pixel resolution supporting autofocus and have LED flash light. But LG Nexus 4 beats iPhone 5 in picture quality of the output and along with it gives Better control of the Camera to the Apps so Apps can process it in better way for you. It has support for one click tap and photo gets auto adjusted.

Screen Size Comparison

LG Nexus 4 has larger screen than Apple iPhone 5. Nexus 4 comes with 4.7 inch screen having 768 x 1280 pixels resolution where as iPhone 5 comes with 4.0 inch screen having 640 x 1136 pixels. So if you are multimedia user then Nexus 4 is a better option for you.

Maps Comparison

This point is completely clear and buzzing everywhere. We all know that iOS maps are complete failure and at the same time Nexus 4 come with Google Maps latest version which support for street view. So you can see maps of many famous areas in complete 3D mode. Google Maps are far better and accurate then the iOS maps. iOS maps are an example of complete blunder done by Apple.

NFC Support

LG Nexus 4 comes with NFC (Near Field Communication) so you can easily share files with your friends just with some taps. Whereas at the same time, Apple iPhone 5 doesn’t have NFC in it. So if you are willing to use NFC then Nexus 4 is better option for you in the smart phone market.

Network Lock

This is also one the point worth discussion. LG Nexus 4 comes without any kind of Network Lock and at the same time iPhone 5 can normally be bought with network lock only if you go for completely unlocked iPhone 5 then it might cost you high. So if you are person having business in multiple countries then you can change SIM with ease in Nexus 4 whereas you need to pay high roaming charge with iPhone 5.

So, it is all clear that LG Nexus 4 is far better choice than iPhone 5.

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