Why Green Technology Should Be On Every Home Buyer’s Tick-List

Environmentally friendly technology is no new thing – we’ve been harvesting the power of the sun, water and wind for many years to create sustainable energy instead of relying on dwindling resources like coal and gasoline. In fact, the majority of Iceland’s entire energy supply is created from hydropower and geothermal sources, and in 2016 Portugal used electricity generated solely by solar, wind and water sources to power the whole country for four days straight.

Of course, science and technology are at the very forefront of the drive to protect our global ecosystem, with new innovations and improved methods of sustainable energy generation being developed at a rapid pace. Now this ‘green technology’ is impacting on our everyday lives too, from eco-friendly electric cars to the way we light, heat and cool our homes and the amount of water we use.

Future-proofed homes are the future

Some sustainable home innovations are simple and cost-effective to install, like LED light bulbs that may cost that bit more to buy initially but last up to 20 times longer – and use far less energy – than ordinary light bulbs. Then there’s smart technology that lets you control your heating, lighting and electrical equipment from anywhere via the internet – so if you’ve inadvertently left something running you can switch it off, or vice versa if you want the lights and heating on when you return home on a cold, dark night.

Other eco-friendly home technology systems – like geothermal heat pumps which can cool as well as heat a space – are more expensive to install yet their return on investment can be quickly calculated via reduced utility bills. These and other green tech solutions for the home like smart meters, sustainable insulation and rainwater harvesting systems are becoming a real priority for home-hunters – and many are willing to pay a higher price for a property that’s already future-proofed.

Work out if it’ll work for you 

Work out if it'll work for you 

As governments worldwide commit to tackling climate change, purchasing a property that’s already fitted with sustainable features makes sense. Yes, they can be pricier than similar homes in the same area, yet you’ll save loads of dollars in the long run. Using sites such as Trussle that act as a mortgage broker is another way to save money as they look for the best deals and do all the hard work with the lender. Sustainable homes may cost more in the short term, but going green is certainly the future and helps contribute positively to tackling climate change on a small level.

Your smart home technology can move with you, but your old boiler, AC system and wall insulation will be left behind for the next residents of your property. Investing in green tech for the home now may very well boost your property’s price point if you want to attract forward-thinking buyers. Or, if you’re looking to buy a new home, take a close look at the eco-friendly features already in place and calculate the cost savings they’ll deliver. While the location, size and flexibility of a property are no-brainers on your tick-list, it’s time to add green tech as an energy and cost-saving measure for the future. After all, what works for our planet can work for you too. 

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