The reality of any type of marketing (digital or traditional) is that your efforts may not always result in a sale. People who visit your website may not be ready to complete the last step in the customer lifetime cycle and commit to a purchase.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t be interested in what your brand has to offer in the future.

To create good results from your digital marketing campaigns you have to give your visitors a second opportunity to become customers. This second chance at helping people complete the customer lifetime journey is called remarketing.

What Exactly Is Remarketing About?

Remarketing is an advertising process that allows you to maintain contact with potential customers who have visited your website before. But these particular visitors didn’t make an enquiry or purchase on their first visit.

It gives you the chance to target a specific audience with strategically placed adverts as they visit other websites on the internet. Remarketing is ideally suited for a long sales processes and a competitive industry.

Remarketing also has the potential to increase your sales conversions. This is because you’re reaching out to people who have already expressed an interest in what you have to offer.

Remarketing Lists

The best way to ensure that your remarketing campaign is successful is to create a remarketing list. A remarketing list refers to a collection of website visitors that are gathered using snippets of code that’s been added to your website.

When you develop a remarketing list you’re essentially creating a set of rules to determine when users should be added to a specific list. You can also specify the length of time for users to stay on each list.

After you have created your lists the next step is to add them to your targeted advertising campaign. This enables you to make sure that your adverts appear in front of users who are part of your list.

Advantages Of Having A Remarketing List

  • Audience Targeting

Remarketing campaigns allow you to target the right audience. Here’s how… Realistically speaking, people who visit your website do not complete the customer lifetime cycle on their first visit. By targeting the people on your lists with the appropriate adverts you create an ongoing reminder that your website has what they are looking for.In the long term this sort of helpful reminder ensures that these potential customers will remember your brand in the future – especially when making their final decision about a purchase.

  • Increased Brand Exposure

Remarketing is a fantastic way to improve your brand’s visibility and exposure in the digital space. When a user is exposed to your brand regularly it creates a sense of familiarity.Because of this they will me more inclined to make a purchase from your website when they have reached the final stage of the customer lifetime cycle. They are also more likely to return to your website for future purchases.

  • Advert Relevance

The most significant feature of remarketing lists is the ability to show relevant ads to the right users. This can be done by segmenting your remarketing lists based on a particular type of user behavior. For example: A user who only visited your homepage should be added to a different list from a user who got all the way to your check out page, but didn’t complete a purchase. This sort of segmentation creates a more targeted remarketing campaign which can be more effective in the long run.

  • Better Conversion Rate

The most important advantage of remarketing lists is the potential it creates to increase your sales conversion rate. People are automatically more familiar with your products or services if they have visited your website before. This increases the likelihood of them converting than first time visitors. This is due to them being further along the customer lifetime cycle than those who are visiting your site for the first time.

Final Thoughts

The advantages of having a remarketing list make it an excellent choice for anyone in digital marketing.Register for a digital marketing course and start reaping the benefits of remarketing for your business.

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