With the rise in the number of online streaming and social media platforms across the globe, users are struggling to find a perfect online platform for their needs. Besides Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter there aren’t that many platforms that are popular. One such platform is the BIGO Live app. 

BIGO Live app is the new social media sensation and a perfect live video streaming platform that is getting more and more popular among the users. With BIGO Live app available in more than 150 countries and both Android and iOS, there are millions of active BIGO Live app users globally. In order to accommodate this diverse and huge population of BIGO Live app users, BIGO Live developers have also launched BIGO Live PC and BIGO Live Lite for PC and low-end mobile users. 

All this ensures that the BIGO Live is accessible on all the operating systems. In addition to that, BIGO Live app with its advanced technology which is paired with artificial intelligence and augmented reality for delivering the best streaming experience to all the users. However, with age restrictions on the application, parental guidance is really important for users using the BIGO Live app that are below the age of 18 years. 

What Content Is Available For Users On The BIGO Live App?

When it comes to the content that is available on the BIGO Live app, users can enjoy a wide array of videos and clips that are uploaded to the platform on a daily basis by millions of active users using the application. 

Online streaming of games is getting really popular these days, and besides Youtube and Twitch, BIGO Live app is seen as a credible option for live video streaming. A large part of the videos that are uploaded on the platform are related to gaming, which is why there are thousands of professional gamers and streamers using the BIGO Live app to increase the number of their fans. 

Besides that, the other immensely popular category of content is showbiz, which covers almost all the content that is uploaded to the platform. Be it music, cooking, entertainment, fashion, or comedy BIGO Live app is there to cater to your needs completely. The platform is full of influencers and professional that are constantly sharing and creating content for their fans. 

Are There Any In-App Purchases On BIGO Live App?

BIGO Live is completely free to use and download for all the users. Moreover, users get an interruption-free experience while using the app as well. Although, users can still buy the in-app diamonds which they can use to upgrade to the VIP status on the platform or they can even gift them to their favorite streamer or broadcaster if they like. These diamonds are sold in bulk on BIGO Live app and can be accessed easily. 

The gifted diamonds are thereafter turned into beans which can be used by the broadcaster or streamers for upgrading to the VIP status or they can even cash out them for real money, once they have a predetermined amount of bean in their account. 

Live Video Chat And Streaming Features

Being a social media and live video streaming platform, BIGO Live app allow the users to chat with up to 9 people in a single go. Moreover, during their video chat, they get to use a variety of stickers and filters to make their video chat even more fun. 

In addition to video chat, users can even interact with their favorite streamers and broadcasters during their live streams. However, the broadcasters do have the right to choose whether they are interested in chatting with their fans or not. Similarly, fans can enjoy online competitive tournaments know as PKs where two broadcasters compete with each other for beans. 

Parting Words

After using and testing out the different features of the BIGO Live app, we can certainly see why this app is going to be the next social media sensation. With its versatile features and easy to use interface BIGO Live app is a fun application that provides the users with an amazing high-quality video streaming experience. 

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