Why are Blackjack Players Switching to Mobile Casinos?

by Dan

While table games like blackjack and roulette may only account for around 15% of the total online GGY, there’s no doubt that such games retain huge appeal amongst UK players.

In fact, it may be argued that the recent rise in older players participating in online gambling has much to do with the appeal of games like blackjack, as a growing number of people transition online from brick-and-mortar establishments.

Blackjack is also becoming increasingly popular amongst mobile gamblers, and you can learn more about this on https://www.liveblackjack.org.uk/mobile/. Below, however, you’ll find some of the reasons why blackjack players are switching to mobile casinos.

1. Even Greater Convenience and Flexibility

When the iGaming market first began to gain traction, one of its core selling points was the level of convenience offered to players who wanted to wager freely.

This makes perfect sense; especially when you consider that players were historically restricted to land-based casinos in their local area, where they could select from a huge range of options when comparing the online marketplace.

Arguably, the advent of mobile casinos and apps has made it even more convenient to wager, as you can now place bets and frequent your favourite casino even when you’re out of the home.

This has certainly created an entire generation of casual players, who can now gamble regardless of their physical location and for a period of time that suits their schedule.

This means betting during the long commute to and from work, for example, or wagering as a way of relaxing at the end of a trying day.

Blackjack is also a particularly appealing game for mobile players, as it’s easy to access low-limit tables online and gamble with modest stakes as part of a wider betting strategy.

There are also multiple variations of blackjack available to mobile players, many of which are based on the European iteration of the game and may offer favourable rules to participants.

You can also access blackjack games with minimal decks on the move, minimising the house edge against you in the process.

2. Mobile Devices Can be Cheaper Than Dedicated Desktop Devices

If you want to wager online through a dedicated desktop gaming device, you may be required to fork out at least £1,000.

While high-end smartphones from Samsung and Apple can cost even more in some instances, it’s also possible to procure more affordable and dedicated gaming handsets that are ideal for the purpose of playing blackjack on the move.

Take the Razer Phone 2, which is a second-generation device that has been tailormade for gamers and gamblers who like to play on the move.

Its solid 16:9 display certainly boasts an impressive refresh rate of 120Hz, while the stylish IGZO LCD panel presents beautiful graphics and is completely bezel free.

This stylish display is also backed by a capacious Snapdragon 845 SOC and 8GB of RAM, while the 64 gigs of storage are more than enough for mobile blackjack players who like to wager through native apps.

This device will only set you back around £300 too, creating the ideal solution for casual gamblers who may be new to the marketplace.

There are also other affordable smartphones for mobile blackjack players, including the Realme 6 Pro and Nubia Play.

The latter is a mid-range device with the highest refresh rate ever implemented on a smartphone (144Hz), while even the 256GB option can be bought for as little as £310.

3. You Can Access Blackjack Through Websites and Mobile Apps

On a final note, you can also access your favourite casino and blackjack iteration through different means in the modern-age, whether you use a responsive mobile site or a native app.

While all reputable casino platforms are optimised for mobile devices in 2021, a growing number of operators have also developed native apps for iOS, Android and (in some instances) Windows devices.

We’d argue that native apps offer the ideal solution as they introduce another layer of security, but this largely depends on the age of your device and the amount of memory that you have.

The good news is that, if your device isn’t compatible with the latest OS software or you don’t have enough internal memory remaining, you can simply access the branded mobile site through your Chrome or Safari browser (depending on the device that you use). 

This way, you can access your chosen blackjack titles in a way that’s convenient for you, while you don’t need to miss out on the action if you have an older phone.

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