Pinguy OS

Linux is one type of operating system that does not require you to pay a hefty price for it. It is free to download. Linux offers different types of distros that beginners can choose from depending on their user-friendliness, ease of installation, timely updates, and available community support. If you have decided to change your operating system to Linux, you can easily set it up on your PC. You can also use HP promo codes to buy cheap Linux HP laptops.

Ubuntu 12.10

Ubuntu Linux

Beginners seeking commercial applications or professional support from their operating systems will find it in Ubuntu Linux. It is relatively easy to install and configure. However, its user interface is quite different from that of Windows, and it may be somewhat strange to use if you are used to Windows. However, once you get the hang of it, it becomes an excellent user interface. Ubuntu has the best collection of native Linux applications. Once installed, you can add other applications using the Ubuntu’s add/remove application program. Although manual, you can easily install common unavailable applications such as video codecs or adobe flash. About every six months, new Ubuntu version releases are made available. Although risky, you can easily upgrade to these new versions using the Ubuntu Upgrade Manager. Ubuntu has a large community, and it is easy to get advice and support both from end users and technical professionals if you run into a problem. Beginners can take advantage of Ubuntu forums, which act as a great knowledge base when using the distro.


Linbux Mint 12

Linux Mint

Simply put, Linux Mint is a simplified version of Ubuntu, and is well-known for its user-friendliness. Its user interface is designed to be similar to that of Windows, making it suitable for beginners changing from a Windows operating system. With Linux Mint, a beginner will have fewer applications to configure, since the system already has some pre-installed applications including flash plugins, audio and video decoders. These applications have been carefully selected by media codecs, the team, and drivers. In just one click, you can use Mint’s advanced software installer to download and install hundreds of other applications. Before installing an application, you can first view its screenshot in order to determine what it is about. Using the Package Manager, you can install free Ubuntu applications on Linux Mint. For users coming from Windows, you can use the Wubi application to install Windows alongside Linux. The community support, though smaller than that of Ubuntu, provides help whenever you run into problems while using or upgrading the Linux Mint distro.


Pinguy OS

Pinguy OS

If you are looking for a Linux distro with lots of pre-installed software, then Pinguy OS is for you. Almost all types of software that you require are pre-installed in this distro, making it a convenient choice for beginners. Pinguy OS also offers its users an opportunity to explore the wide range of software features offered by Linux. Although it is fairly new, Pinguy OS is quickly gaining popularity among Linux users.

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