When Should You Ask Your Customers for Online Reviews?

Requesting reviews from your customers is one of the most efficient customer investment and retention policies. That’s because online reviews can be of great benefit to your company. They help in creating a strong and credible brand reputation that’ll provide the necessary social proof required to affect customer behavior. Reviews, being one of the significant contributors to a company’s SEO performance, makes it all the more reason why it’s better to have more reviews than few – except if most of your reviews are negative.

From this perspective, it can greatly benefit your business if you learn how to ask for feedback from customers and when to secure a steady flow of more and better reviews. Essentially, when you’re already providing experiences that customers desire, they’ll have no choice but to vouch for you. In this article, we’ll offer you the best tips on when to ask your customers for online reviews, so grab a seat and read on!

The Best Days in a Week to Request Reviews

The Best Days in a Week to Request Reviews

Generally, studies have concluded that the best days for having a high conversion rate for feedback request emails are Wednesday and Saturday. Maybe people are just looking for a way to blow off some steam in the middle of the week or they have more time during the weekend. Whatever the case might be, sending emails on these two days will result in more reviews. This doesn’t mean that review requests are useless on other days, but planning your post-purchase emails on Wednesdays or Saturdays might offer you the best chances of generating customer feedback.

What is the Best Time for Emailing Your Review Request?

The most appropriate time to send review request emails relies on your consumer base and past email strategy relations. Based on the data you’ve reviewed, you can predict when your customers will open and participate in your review request emails. If you’re starting from scratch with a review collection email initiative and searching for some general best procedures, the most appropriate time will be between 10 am and 3 pm. With such a time frame, you can get customers on their break or when they’ve got a little time to spare and leave their feedback.

When to Request for Customer Feedback?

When to Request for Customer Feedback

Now that you have 2 days in a week set aside for your post-purchase emails, the million-dollar question is for how long should you wait before sending your review request? First and foremost, you don’t want to send your emails too early, for you’ll come off as too impatient, or even worse, your customers might not have tried out your products yet. Most customers usually leave their feedback after using a product at least one to two times.

On the other hand, you also don’t want to delay sending your review requests. This is because customers prefer to leave reviews while the product is still at the top of their minds. Many customers prefer to leave their feedback within a week of using your brand, while others might write a review on the same day. Delaying your review requests can also be risky since your email might get lost among other review request emails they’re receiving.

Therefore, timing is essential when increasing your review submissions is concerned. You have to give your customers enough time to leave a detailed review without making them wait for a while, failure to which you’ll lose their attention. So, for how long must you wait before sending your review request? Well, between 8 and 22 days, depending on the nature of the product the consumer bought, is the best time-frame for posting your review request emails.


Once you know how and when to ask your customers to leave a review, you’ll have boosted your company’s rank in search results, gained more reviews, and secured your business’ online reputation. As you’re asking for your customers’ feedback, you need to put yourself in their position. Ensure that you always ask for reviews at the right moment, or you’ll be risking your customers’ irritation and confusion.

Lastly, are you familiar with other tips on when to ask your customers for their online reviews? Please share with us by leaving your comments down below.

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