The original Microsoft Surface was one of the most intriguing products to come to market in years, combining desktop-level functionality with the extreme portability of a tablet PC. After a few generations of refinement, the Microsoft Surface 4 represents the most polished vision of tomorrow’s laptop to date, addressing many of the most common complaints about the previous model in an effort to make laptops obsolete once and for all.


Improvements from Surface Pro 3

The Surface Pro 4 features a larger 12.3 inch screen with a higher resolution, now rated for 267 pixels per inch compared with the 12 inch, 216ppi screen of the Pro 3. The rear camera has been upgraded to an 8MP unit rated for 1080p HD image and video capturing. Another central improvement to the latest generation of Surface Pro devices is the Surface Pen, which is now capable of detecting over 1,000 levels of pressure compared to the 200 or so detected by the old Pen for precision input and versatility.

One of the most frequent user issues with the Surface Pro 3 concerned the Type Cover, which featured an undersized trackpad and other less than ideal input characteristics. The kickstand of the Surface Pro 4 is another subject of redesign, extending from the back of the Type Cover to create a more stable base for mobile use. The Surface Pro 4 also includes a USB mobile power source at the power adapter for convenience, and you can learn more about the Microsoft Surface 4 at Harvey Norman.

Similarities with Surface Pro 3

Similarities with Surface Pro 3

The Surface Pro 4 is built on the same basic platform as its predecessor, retaining relatively identical dimensions on the base model while incorporating a next generation processor. The Pro 4 shares the 5MP front facing camera of the previous model, and its weight of approximately 800 grams places it in the same range as the Surface Pro 3 and below many full sized tablet PC devices. The Type Cover of the Surface Pro 4 is backward compatible, and owners of the Surface Pro 3 can enjoy its improved input and redesigned trackpad as well.

The Surface Pro 4 is much more a refinement than a revolution, adding much needed polish to an already popular device. With its faster processor, larger screen, more powerful camera and fundamentally improved Touch Cover attachment, the Surface Pro 4 may be largely similar to the older model, but is well worth the upgrade.

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