Before now, editing PDF files seem impossible and it looked like Microsoft office word was the only format capable of editing texts. However, things have changed for the better. Let say you have a PDF files which contains information that needs to be updated. The reality is that you can edit text in PDF by calling up the “edit text” function and this is just what you need to update the information on your PDF file if the situation arises.


Why is it better to Use PDF for Editing

Yes, it might be possible to use MS word and others for editing text etc but the question is how secured is it? The reality is that PDF remains the most secured document format. Besides, it is just popular as it is the choice of professionals all over the world and apart from that, its compatibility across different platforms and its independence of both operating systems and hardware is well noted. So, this makes it the best choice for editing since it cannot be altered except with permission and with the right tool.


The question some people ask is which tool we can choose? The truth is that so many things contribute to the success of Wondershare PDFelement and one of such features is its “Edit “function. Yes, Adobe has good “Edit” function but the PDFelement “Edit” function is a match for it and may even be better according to some reviews.

The “Edit Text” functions allows you to edit texts in PDF files, change alignment, size of text, fonts, colors etc  while keeping the entire format the same while editing where as editors like Adobe tend to reflow automatically.

To make things easier, the PDFelement gives you the opportunity to switch from Line to paragraph edit mode. The implication is that you do not need to make line by line edits since it may waste your time during major edits, you can just use a ‘paragraph” mode to create a bounding box on the block of text you want to edit and edit it as you want.

Do not forget that apart from editing text, the “Edit” function of the PDFelement is also capable of editing images and pages of a PDF file and it is just as easy as ABC.

What Other Things can PDFelement Do for You?

New versions of PDFelement are released a new version (5.11 version) on 14th, Nov. You will get more owesome functions. It not only eliminates bugs, alsoimprove user friendly features, and these can assist performance by enhancing its compatibility. Let’s have a look.


The PDFelement is capable of converting image based PDF into a searchable and editable format using its world class OCR technology. You can also generate perfect forms and use it to fill out PDF forms as well as converting from one format to the other. Others include redaction, password protection, merging and splitting PDF etc.


Using PDFelement is more cost effective in the long run. It is designed to be very simple and easy to use and off course, it is higher than most other PDF editors in terms of efficiency even though it may be cheaper than them. This gives you real value for your money.

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