What Technology Shaped Gambling

by Dan

People were gambling for millennia. It’s used to be the favourite pastime of kings and knights, and now it’s accessible for the common folk all across the globe. Some still prefer to gamble like kings and go to Vegas, but if you’re not super rich, the odds are you are playing locally or online.

What enabled you to do that? These four inventions that shaped gambling and the whole world alongside it.


If you’re not a century old man or a time traveler, you probably don’t remember the days when electronics were not a thing. About 150 years ago John D. Rockefeller was able to make a fortune on kerosine only because people all across the US were using to light their homes with.

We went from that to not only having our homes lit for cheap but to having instant access to a huge body of information that is the Internet.

This would never happen if not for the invention of complex electronics. Transistors, resistors, microchips, and other things were developed, and they influenced gambling greatly.

Before the age of electronics, you would play a one-armed bandit slot that only had three rows and three reels. It was working on a complex system of gears, so making it into 5×3 slot that is the standard today would be too hard.

With the creation of a video slot, the modern standard was shaped. The wild, the scatter, the bonus spins, all of these classic features were born during that time.

Surveillance cameras

This point doesn’t help the players but it does influence the casino industry quite a lot. In fact, before the mass production of good quality surveillance cameras, some casinos would lose a lot of money.

The story behind it is a lot like the tales of the frontier. A bunch of industrious men who are willing to risk it all being held down by the system. It’s a story of numerous people who tried to exploit a casino’s weakness to make a fortune.

There were dozens of groups who either looked for bad equipment that would make the results less random or try counting cards in blackjack to win. With the advent of surveillance cams, the things changed.

Now that the casino had eyes on all the players 24/7, they can fight against the ones who want to profit from their weakness. Now, most people who try counting cards will be caught and asked not to play at the casino anymore. The same goes for cheaters.

The Internet

The Internet changed the game for everything. In only 30 years, we have changed the way our economy works. Now, huge retail chains like Walmart are not competing with the other chains but with Amazon, the biggest online retailer.

The world of gambling had changed as well when the games moved on to the web. It gave access to gambling for millions of people, especially in the areas where gambling offline is not an option. It even made possible for people to play with live dealers irishcasinohex.com/online-roulette/live/ in online roulette using only mobile phone.

But this is not only about access. The internet, just like the invention of electronics, made for new creative ways of making games. Some things that were not interesting for the video slot players engage those online. This includes cinematic cutscenes and roleplay elements.


Right now, there are nearly 2 billion people who own a smartphone. What this means is there’s a market for mobile gambling and casinos are entering it.

Most of the games these days are meant to be mobile-first, and this changed the industry, even though not in a major way. Now, slot games try to look like another game for a smartphone. They try to be bright, eye-grabbing, and engaging.

They try to be a complex game, not just a slot.

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