What Should You Do Before Selling your iPhone

by Dan

Technology operates in a very crafty way; one minute you are bragging about your newly acquired gadget and the next minute the same technology has surpassed you. At times, with technology we are only left to play catch-up. The mobile phone industry for example is one of the most dynamic industries you’ll ever come across. Take an example of the Apple Inc. which manufactures the iOS gadgets. They release new devices with new features frequently prompting their loyal customers to want to acquire the latest arrivals.

For example, whenever a new iPhone is released, owners of the older version often dispose them off as they are now considered to have dropped in value. However, before you can cash in, there are a few things you need to acquaint yourself with.

selling iphone

1) Perform a System Backup and Restore Procedure

This is probably the most important procedure to perform before selling your device.You need to erase all your personal data and reset the iPhone to its original settings. At no point should you let your personal data especially your security information fall into the wrong hands. You can perform content backup on iTunes, iCloud, Google or on your PC.

After backing up your content, it’s now time to restore your iPhone to its factory settings. This will help wipe clean all your personal information. It might take your device a while to complete this entire process so it’s best if you can plug your iPhone into a power source. The restoring procedure entails:

  • Go to settings
  • General
  • Reset
  • Select ”Erase All Content and Settings

Whether you are going to sell you iPhone offline or online through a free classified web site, this procedure is very important and should be performed to the latter lest you want to be exposed.

2) Jailbreaking and Unlocking

This will solely depend on you. Selling a jailbroken iPhone on channels such as the Craigslist is likely to yield more as its resale value will go high. Therefore, if you are after some extra cash, you might want to consider jailbreaking your iPhone. You can unlock your iPhone on ultrasn0w or by simply calling your mobile carrier and requesting them to do so. Another way of unlocking your iPhone is through your Apple’s ID.

3) Pack the Product

This step involves cleaning your device and packing it in a presentable manner preferably in its initial package. To increase the chances of finding potential buyers, make sure that what is in the package is original. This should entail original chargers and cables.

4) Selling your iPhone

As mentioned above, you can sell your iPhone through online or offline means. Regardless of which method you use, always make sure that you present factual information about your iPhone.

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