As an avid gamer, you need a fast device with a great interface. For the most part, this could be a smartphone or even better, a laptop.

A laptop has a gorgeous interface and big display that makes your game’s graphics beautiful. With such a laptop, you’ll be able to enjoy your online gaming experience, especially sports betting because online betting games come with incredible graphics.

And when choosing online betting sites, ensure it has all the bells and whistles including quality customer service, sign up bonuses, VIP rewards, periodic promotions, several banking options, and a broad spectrum of betting events and opportunities.

Well, after getting a killer online gaming website, you need a matching laptop that’s fast and reliable. So, what should you look for in such a laptop?

What to Look for in a Gaming Laptop

1. Great Processor

This is probably one of the first features you should look at. It will make your laptop perform the gaming task as required or lag behind.

Remember to double-check the benchmarks on the internet to ascertain the type of performance to expect on your next machine. At the moment, i7 Intel processors are excellent choices for gaming.

If, you buy a cheaper laptop that’s not tagged as a “gaming laptop”, be sure to check on the strength to enable you run your favourite games on it.

2. Latest Graphics

The best gaming laptop should have the best, fastest and latest graphics. When searching for a laptop to be used for gaming, ensure you go for one with the latest graphic chipset.

Also, check the laptop’s specs to find out whether you can upgrade its graphics card should the need arise. Examples of the best graphic chipsets to consider include NVIDIA, Intel’s Graphics Media, ATi’s Mobility FireGL V3200, Trident S3, 3D Labs, STMicro, SIS, and ATi Mobility Radeon 9700.

And don’t forget to strike a balance between the graphics and processor, as we tend to forget about this a lot in laptops. Most people get excited when they see good-looking parts and leave out the finer details.

If you get a laptop with a powerful processor with weaker graphics, I hope you’re prepared to use such a computer on normal work, because if you play games with it, the graphics card may reach its limit soon, and the processor won’t compensate for it. Consequently, your games will hit a plateau.

Some laptop models from companies such as HP and Toshiba have slightly weaker graphics. Therefore, go for those brands that focus more on this area.

3. Plenty of Storage

These days, games are pretty large, and the worst mistake you can make is to underestimate the size of the hard drive required to install your best games as well as their patches.

The minimum disk size should be about 500 GB. However, the ideal size would be around 1 TB. If you don’t like surprises like being unable to install a game due to insufficient space, go for a laptop whose hard drive is 1TB in size. You’ll have a hassle-free moment during gaming time.

4. Expansion bays

Not all gaming laptops come with extra bays, but you should pat yourself on the shoulder when you find a laptop with this feature. During gaming, our needs change so fast, and you may not know when you may need additional storage or RAM so your laptop can match your latest gaming needs.

While SSD hard drives aren’t purely for gaming, gamers do enjoy speed and so the fit comes in naturally. It is important to ensure your next laptop has an SSD hard drive as it can serve as extra storage for everything you would like to access with a better speed.

5. Quality keyboard

Most people probably don’t know that a few gaming laptops have this feature. After all, many gamers purchase backlit keyboards of more than $80 for their existing laptops.

So, it makes sense if they can get a new laptop that already has this part. Other than the style the keyboard gives you, it also gives you a sense of control in the dark. This is a feature that’s hard to let go once your hands get the hang of it.

Besides, ensure the keyboard and touchpad are above average. Most providers don’t highlight this feature a lot, so you may want to keep an eye on it when combing through reviews.

Often, you’ll be playing with the keyboard and touchpad (unless you prefer the mouse). Thus, you need to ensure their positioning is right, feels comfortable and is durable.

6. Great Audio Quality

Don’t forget to check on the laptop’s sound quality. We don’t expect laptop speakers to produce the most amazing sound around, but if you will use the laptop for gaming, you should ensure that you get one with an above average sound quality. That way, you’ll enjoy the gaming experience to the fullest.

Therefore, before making a purchase, look out for trademarks and special mentions regarding the laptop’s audio quality.

7. Weight

This is a big factor to keep in mind when it comes to gaming. We all know how gaming on the go can be a nightmare if you have a bulky laptop. You may want to play a game while travelling, at a restaurant, home and so on. Go for slim gaming laptops.

Keep each of these points in mind before buying your next gaming laptop. And most importantly, ensure the laptop comes with a warranty of at least 12 months.

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