Even though the technology evolved and we have a plethora of gadgets for almost any entertainment activity, TVs are still amongst people’s favorite. But don’t think that the modern user wants a big wooden box that shows fuzzy images and can only display the signal from the nearest TV tower. No, today’s users have a few very important features in mind when they acquire a new device and one of these is thickness.

The current type of user prefers all his/her devices as slim as possible with a big screen and great connectivity possibilities. These features can apply to any device we currently own and the TV is also included. But why do we have this obsession with slim TVs? Is this a feature we want because it’s trendy or is it something we can actually benefit from?

Even more, to innovate, producers forced the limits of the screen and they curved it in 2014 (more on the curved screen on Wikipedia). Of course, the market exploded and now almost everyone wants to own such a new and interesting device. But, is this a necessity or a benefit for us? Or is it just a fashion statement?


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Why do you need a slim TV?

First of all, a TV that is slim shows the producer used modern technology to build it. This means that it should be more eco-friendly than its older siblings and should also be less power consuming. Still, make sure to read the specifications as this is not always the case.

Second of all, a TV that is slim will improve the overall design of your living room and won’t occupy that much space. Actually, if you decide to mount it on the wall, it won’t take any space at all. Another benefit is the improved connectivity. All modern TVs support a series of ports that allows the user to connect external devices like hard disks (to view the movies you want), game consoles, mobile devices, and last but not least the TV hardware.

Speaking of TV hardware, most televisions these days broadcast in HD which means all your channels will look stunning on your new TV set. If your provider doesn’t support HD format for TV then it’s time to look somewhere else. We recommend taking a look at the Select Package, a basic package that allows you to test the waters before submitting for something bigger.

Is the curve really necessary?

We can’t debate on the necessity, but according to science we like curved objects and we consider them more aesthetically pleasing. Even more, the curved screen TV reduces reflections from objects around and allows for the undisturbed display of deep colors.

Another pro for the curves screen is the sitting position. For the user in the middle, it creates a more uniform viewing experience, while for the ones sitting on the sides it improves the viewing angle. So, you might say that the curved screen is beneficial, but it’s not something you couldn’t live without.

Regardless of the fact that you own a curved TV or not, you should consider buying, at least, a TV that is smart and allows you to install a lot of cool apps. This way you’ll manage to improve the quality of time you spend in front of the TV as you’ll be able to include it in more daily activities like chatting with friends, playing games, and having fun on YouTube.

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