What Are the Best Jobs For People With a Disability?

If you have a disability – or you are close to someone who has – if you’re planning on getting into the workforce, you might be wondering what some of the most suitable jobs are for people with disabilities.

The answer to that question could depend on the type and extent of the disability, but we’ll take a look at a general overview of job possibilities for individuals who face extra challenges when it comes to finding employment.

At first thought, it may seem like the job pool is going to be very restricted, but you’ll soon discover that there are actually many careers and job possibilities for people with disabilities. It’s just a matter of being aware of what they are.

Let’s take a look at some potential jobs for disabled people and see if something suits you. 

Potential Job Opportunities For People With a Disability

1. Call Centre Work

Call Centre Work

Call centres are essentially office jobs. If you can talk on the phone and type into a computer, you can do a multitude of different call centre jobs; from telemarketing right through to customer service. The good news is, there are always quite a few openings in this industry.

2. Become a Counsellor

This could be something like vocational counselling (as in helping others find work), a school counsellor or any other type of counselling position. It’s something you would need qualifications for, but that’s doable. There are many official courses you can undertake to become a qualified counsellor.

3. Banking and Finance

There are numerous possibilities in this industry. You could work as a bank teller or manager, become a financial planner or advisor, or get qualified as an accountant. Another key advantage of employment in the financial sector is it can be quite lucrative, depending on your job description. There is also a lot of room for advancement.

4. A Career In IT

A Career In IT

Information technology and everything related to it is not an industry that’s likely to suffer a downturn. If anything, more and more job possibilities will arise in this field. There are also so many different roles you could target in IT, from computer programming, system analysts, sales, gaming engineers and designers, consultancy work and much more.

5. Translation Services

If you are fluent in several languages, you could become a translator. This is a role you could do in the real world or online. Translation services are often in high demand due to a lack of people fluent in more than one language. If you’re already fluent in another language other than English, you have a head start and can start looking for translation jobs immediately.

6. Reception and Office Admin Roles

Once again, the career prospects in this field are enormous, simply due to how many businesses require receptionists and office admin workers. If you think about it, the majority of businesses, hotels and so on your visit will have some form of the reception area. This field also includes medical admin jobs. The legal industry is another field that requires receptionists or admin assistants.

7. Shop Assistant

Shop Assistant

The retail industry in Australia is massive, and it employs more people across the country than just about any other industry. There are always jobs available for retail workers, whether in one of the big malls, or small independent stores. Shop assistants often have flexible work hours and can avail of staff discounts. 

You Could Also Start a Home-Based Business

If you have a particular skill or service that you feel the general public needs and will pay money for, you could consider starting up a home-based business of some kind, run out of a home office.

The greatest advantage of this scenario is you don’t have the hassle of commuting to and from work each day. This saves both times and added stress. You simply get up in the morning, grab a coffee and some breakfast and go to your home office to start the workday.

Things like online businesses, accounting, research assistants and multiple other business possibilities can be run from a home office.

The Takeaway

If you were to do some online research, you would uncover numerous job possibilities for people with a disability. There is work out there for everyone.

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