Everything gets changed with time,You can clearly observe that with the design of Worlds first Website which just consists of plane text and hyper Links and Some modern websites like (Facebook,Twitter).Everything changed dramatically in last 5 years,Nowadays if you don’t have a website for your business then your products may not be well known in the market.Apart from just establishing a website,It is important to have a simple and appealing design for your websites.

Recently,1stwebdesigner have released a small Guide titled “Latest Web Design Trends, The Road To Good Website Design“,This guide will give you the insight of current webdesign trends and ways to implement these changes on your current design.


The book is subdivided into four sections,namely

  1. Code and Technology  – Introduction to enhanced coding languages for webdesign,such as HTML5,CSS3
  2. Layout and usability – This section will Get you going by analyzing what users wants to have in your website.
  3. Graphics and Typography – Emphasis the need of good graphics design and Typography.
  4. Social and Mobile media – Mobile traffic shares almost half of the internet population,So section will give you the insight about designing website for mobiles.

If you are a web designer or a web admin who cares about your website design,Please go through this short guide.

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