Are you frustrated that your website can’t attract visitor although you have been preparing or writing the content for hours? Don’t be discouraged yet. It is true that the content of a website is a prominent factor to boost your website performance; moreover the Google Panda algorithm’s update is believed to give priority to original and fresh content. Besides the website content, you should pay attention at the other factor which holds the success key of your website, which is the marketing.

There are plenty of ways to promote your website namely using the SEO tips and tricks, embedded your website link through forums or an instant promotion ways such as put your website on the GPT site to attract visitors or the last one, promoting through social media.

Everyday millions of internet users logging on to social media, for a glance almost 43.06 million people in Asia connected to FACEBOOK each day. This is a remarkable pair of numbers just for one kind of social media that available at the net. There are still many of social media that will rock your mind with their incredible ability, YouTube, Twitter, online chat Mezee, LinkedIn are some other great examples.

Social media is the best way to introducing your website to the audience effectively. You must know how to use the potential power of social media to propel your website in search engine rank.

These are four ways to marketing your website using the social media effectively

1. Choose the appropriate social media that suit your website category. Each social media has its own characteristic and unique features. Some of it prefers to have dialogue between users dominance in their timeline, some others have function more on knowledge sharing. This is why you have to recognize each one of social media tendencies and its user behavior. Wrong recognition of a social media characteristic will lead you to be considered as spammers, Junkers and so on.

2. Create an attractive profile and appropriate branding. For better result, you must specify the profile that supports the creation of personal branding in accordance with your business or website objectives. Little things such as your username, profile picture, brief bin-data user and website URL holds a critical role, for example you can’t use an avatar or profile picture of your school diploma if you join the rock music lovers’ social media.

3. Active. This is a social networking, a gathering place for a wide range of characters of internet users. So it would be very strange if you act like robots that are not willing to have some conversation. To have some dialogue with another users isn’t only great to share knowledge, but it could be an excellent step to build public trust which is important to your website marketing.

4. Create a community or group within the social media. A community or group has more power in the dissemination of information, this is important for you to have in order to introduce your website. Social media is a perfect tool to boost your website existence if you know the tricks, good luck!

Written by Ludwing Hernandez is a search and social geek who loves tools and blogging on them.

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