Servers are a type of computers which is dedicated to provide a specialized services in a network,A network can be either a LAN like your office network or WAN like Internet.Depending on the application,the servers hardware varies.Take an example of a server in your office and compare it with the servers of Google,When Servers are working under a Such extreme conditions the servers gets Overheated soon resulting a catastrophic.So to avoid such incidents you should be always monitoring your server room parameters such as Temperature,Humidity,Dew point etc.

WatchDog 15 Humidity monitor 

WatchDog 15 is a commercial type Humidity monitor ,which can be used to monitor server room parameters such as Temperature, Humidity and Dew-point level.When a threshold limit is exceeded it can alert you through numerous notifications options like secure web interface,SNMP, Email, and text message alert.

WatchDog 15 is a entry level product by ITWatchDogs,which is a specialists in providing Various Environmental monitoring systems for IT infrastructures    .The motive of the company is to produce highest quality and most reliable environmental monitors in the market to prevent system downtime, hardware damage and data loss of your servers.

watchdog_15The specifications

  • Weight – less than half pound
  • Dimensions – 4″L x 1.5″H x 1.5’W
  • Operating Temperature Range  – 20° to 85° Celsius (-4° to 185° F)
  • Operating voltage – 6VDC power supply (included)
  • Ethernet: 10 Mbps, RJ-45 receptacle
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) with power backup
  • Reset IP push-button: restores factory defaults

Features of WatchDog15

  • No need of Specialized Software’s  –  You dont need to install any specialized software to monitor your system.You just need to have a stable web Browser to access the Data provided by the sensor.
  • Alarm Options – You can set multiple alarm levels (high/low) – Max 50 alarms per unit.
  • Sensors Ports : It has a 2 Digital ports which has a input capacity of four external sensors.
  • Easy Connectivity – It Can be connected with Ethernet Network with a standard RJ45 connector
  • Security – Access the Data securely via HTTPS (can also use via HTTP)
  • Email Notifications – Get Email alerts via ESMTP authentication
  • Interface with Network IP Cameras – The Web page interfaces up to four IP cameras,Very useful in the event of Alarm to watch out the servers.
  • Data Logging – you can save the system data as a XML & CSV Logs
  • 1 Year warranty – It comes with a Warranty of 1 year,The extended warranties available on demand.

Well,If you want to have a safe and reliable servers,You need to watch your servers for the changing environmental parameters.WatchDog 15 is a cheap and most reliable way to accomplish that Task.

See the Product Demo

Visit the Product Page –  WatchDog 15 Humidity Monitor

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