In a video editing industry where Adobe Premier and Final Cut Pro are masters, VSDC Free Video Editor may seem to be a joke. For those who start their video editing adventures, however, it’s not. VSDC Video Editor is one of the most used, popular and free solutions for Non-Linear Editing. In this article, we’ve done a brief yet comprehensive review of VSDC Free Video Editor. We will discuss the important aspects, starting from a basic set up to project exporting.

About VSDC Free Video Editor

Better known as VSDC itself, this video editor is quite popular among amateurs. In spite of being free, VSDC Free Video Editor brings the perfect combination of professional features and interface. As said, it’s a Non-Linear Video Editor, the same you’d call Final Cut Pro.

Simply put, this feature lets you place objects randomly on the timeline. This is a great feature that you’d used to while going professional. So, VSDC Free Video Editor also opens up a professional way to learn the new way of editing.

Talking of availability, you can get this free video editor for Windows PCs. It’s often listed as one of the best, free video editors in the world. Nevertheless, VSDC also offers a premium version, with advanced features. While using the free version, you may see some pop-ups, asking you to upgrade for certain feature access.

Installation and Getting Started

VSDC Free Video Editor comes with an offline installer, which is really quick. You just have to download the set-up file from official website of VSDC. It weighs just 38MB and installation took less than a few seconds. So, in a few minutes, we had done the whole set up of VSDC Free Video Editor. We really believe that install time for the tool is pretty low than expected.

VSDC Free Video Editor welcomes you with an intuitive screen, while starting for the first time. You can get started with a Blank Project, Import Content, Create Slideshow, Capture Video or Capture Screen. All these methods work so smoothly, even on a low-end PC. You can also see the top-notch features of the program, in case if you were curious.

The Editing Process

I’d never say that VSDC Free Video Editor has a simple interface. When compared to the competitors, it is a quite complicated one. Personally speaking, I needed more than a few minutes to really understand its whole arrangement of UI. After that, however, accessing the features is a piece of cake. All the controls are visible on the main interface itself. All you have to do is to bring in the right content and move on with edits.

VSDC Free Video Editor offers support for a wide variety of media formats, while importing and exporting. Once you have finished your project, you can directly upload them to online platforms as well. You can find the full list of Supported Formats here. During our testing period, it worked fine with almost all the types of media files we’d used.

It also houses one of the best collection of audio and video effects. Be it transitions or random styles, all of them are accessible from the menu bars. Thanks to the MS Office-like UI, it’s easier to shift between different sections. Altogether, the editing process in VSDC Free Video Editor is simpler, though a bit unconventional.

Noteworthy Features

So, these are some noteworthy features we found in VSDC Free Video Editor.

  • Support up to 2K and 4K Quality output.
  • Chroma-Key and Masking options
  • Support for 3D Pro Charts
  • Built-in Tools for DVD Burning, Video Capture, Screen Capture and Conversion
  • Better Performance, even on low-end Configuration PC.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the review, we believe VSDC Free Video Editor is an awesome choice for budding professionals. It comes with a professional User Interface and awesome support for transitions and effects. Of course, you can hardly expect UHD support in a free software like this.

So, if you want to step into the world of Non-Linear Editing and professional controls, just go for VSDC Free Video Editor!

Check Out VSDC Free Video Editor App Here

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