VR Hosting sounds like a really minute technical detail. Just stick your content anywhere, right? Actually, no. Hosting is related to many aspects of VR and has a lot of impact on the final result of your 360 content, on your work and time, and on your viewers’ experience. So when you try to decide where to host your 360 content, here are a few tips and parameters you may want to consider.

VR Hosting Quality

 This is the Achilles heel of most hosting platforms – they stinge on quality to save space and money. Youtube, Facebook and even Vimeo and Veer heavily compress 3D videos. In standard videos, this is no big deal, but with 3D, it’s really a shame to lose the full effect of your content. As of now, 360cameras shoot in up to 5K, so you need your host to support that resolution. DoublX is a provider that displays your video at maximum quality.

VR Formats

There are so many 3D video formats – MOV, MP4, stereoscopic, 360, side-by-side, 3D, 2D, panorama, etc. And don’t forget 3D image formats – Panorama, Equirectangular Projection images and more. The coolest 360 experiences mix VR video and photos and use lots of formats. The ideal would be a provider that supported all of them.


Make sure that your 3D content is compatible with all platforms – smartphones, tablets and PCs, so your users can view your content wherever, whenever at their convenience. Also, that you can upload your content from any of these devices.

Supermarket Power

Hosting is just hosting. If you love 3D, you need a partner who is focused on 3D, who can provide more 360 related services and value. DoublX, for example, offers a complete solution for your 360 needs. You can upload any content, mix and match, add titles, buttons, hotspots and icons, publish, host and share you videos. Pretty cool, huh?

Up to Speed

Do you want your videos to freeze and lag at the most exciting moment? No? Lags and delays downgrade your 3D experience to subzero. Not something you want to risk. Test your provider’s streaming speed and make sure it’s up to speed with your standards. Youtube offers a pretty smooth experience.

VR Hosting Friendliness

When you choose your 360 partner, you want one that’s fun and easy to deal with. You don’t want to spend an hour searching for some simple function. You’ve already invested a lot of effort in creating your content, so this is really the place where you want to click and go. Facebook is one of the friendliest options you’ll encounter.

Sharing Your VR Content

You want a VR hosting service that has convenient sharing options or a huge audience so that when you upload your amazing content, it doesn’t stay hidden like the famed “Mona Lisa in the Drawer” where no one can find it. Share at a click. Youtube, for example, has the largest audience and is focused on video (although not on 3D).

There are lots of considerations, but it’s best to simply check out the provider’s abilities to see how focused they are on your 3D needs.

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