VideoProc Review – Shifting From FCP To A Minimal Video Processor on Mac

Perhaps the biggest privilege of using macOS is the availability of professional tools like Final Cut Pro. Since we are using hardware and software from the same manufacturer, the performance used to be awesome. Even if you tone things down to iMovie or Premiere Pro, there is a lot macOS can offer. 

But the real problem is that not everyone owns a high-spec MacBook Pro or iMac Pro.

And that means constant crashes and lag render errors when doing the basic things. And, this is why I decided to try a minimal video processing tool like VideoProc when approached by the developers. Below in this VideoProc review is my experience of shifting from the likes of FCP to one minimal video processor on Mac.


About VideoProc

As we said earlier, VideoProc is a minimal video processor that packs a hell lot of features. From basic 4K video editing functions like cropping and splitting to advanced ones like video stabilization, there is a lot you can do using the VideoProc package. The difference is that it does not demand as much resources you would dedicate for an app like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. But the real question is whether the application is competent enough for professional video-processing needs.

Getting Started

videoproc 2

It’s an incredibly easy task to get started with the User Interface of VideoProc. You don’t have to be an expert of FCP, Premiere or not even iMovie. Even if you are completely new to the world of video processing, you’d be able to find hassle-free guides to use VideoProc. It should also be noted that the program consists of very useful practical features as well.

I’d give a 5-star rating for the User Interface on any day, you know. That’s how easy to get started with what VideoProc is offering for the basic users. This does not mean that you’re getting fewer features though.

videoproc basic organisations

The Basic Functions

video proc stabilization

Even if you are on FCP, you have to take care of basic functions like cropping, cutting, slicing, splitting etc. In the VideoProc package, it’s incredibly easy to do those things. Because all these functions are available in a dedicated pane, you can easily navigate and get the job done. The best part we loved about VideoProc is its ability to handle 4K UHD video with ultimate ease.

We know, Premiere Pro may tremble when it comes to handling 4K videos on a normal PC, at least when it comes to rendering. VideoProc, however, manages to accomplish that mark with minimal effort. The result? A hardware-accelerated way to handle both large-size and high-FPS videos with ease.

The Advanced

Technology used for VideoProc hardware acceleration is one of the best for sure. That’s why the program is capable of doing many advanced functions like de-shaking, de-noising and video stabilization. Powered by some of the powerful algorithms, all these functions are quite user-friendly. You can select the video, pick the effect and hit the Convert button and VideoProc will take care of the rest.

Watch this YouTube video to see how GPU hardware accelerated 4K Video processing with VideoProc [Mac&PC]:


At times, however, VideoProc allows a particular level of customization as well. For instance, you will be able to decide the preferred level of de-shaking and stabilization when you are testing out a video file. That’s an amazing option from the usability point of view.

Additional Options

Apart from the traditional video editing and processing tools, VideoProc also offers some additional features on the board.

  • You can use VideoProc as a program to convert video, audio and DVD files to a wide variety of media formats. It’s once again one of the most powerful conversion utilities that I have tested in the past 2 years.
  • VideoProc also comes with a built-in download engine. You can use this part to download YouTube and other videos with ease. You can also use VideoProc to record screen of your macOS. You won’t need a dedicated tool.

All these are practical features too.

The Bottom Line

bottom line

This was my experience of shifting to VideoProc from a fully-fledged editing suite and the first impressions are just awesome. Like a cherry on the cake, there is a way to get a licensed VideoProc free of cost too, thanks to the sweepstakes that the developers are carrying out there. And, there is also a way to win some Apple AirPods if you are interested, you know. Make sure that you check out the VideoProc sweepstakes before downloading and installing this wonderful video processing tool.

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